Many ATMs including Hong Kong locations have been found contaminated with pinhole cameras and illegal card readers over the past month. Credit Card fraud from various kinds of devices used for skimming information from the credit cards of unsuspecting customers not only results in millions of dollars of losses but it significantly affects customer satisfaction and their confidence in their banker.

Many methods have been tried to thwart attempts at skimming credit cards and of course the miscreants have developed techniques for overcoming them.

iOmniscient has developed a video based capability which can detect skimming devices (even those that are almost invisible to the human eye). Further the system can detect the person who placed the device and, if he is in a database of known criminals, the system can recognise him. The capability is incorporated in iQ-Bank, a comprehensive portfolio of products specially tailored for the banking industry.

iQ-Bank supports the needs of different stake holders in the bank with a single integrated system. It can count the traffic and manage queues. It can help the Occupational Health and Safety team respond if a customer has slipped and fallen, it can recognise known culprits, detect theft of assets and generally improve the security, safety and efficiency of the bank.