Video Domain's miniature DVR with cellular communications is a finalist in IFSEC 2007 Security Innovations Awards.  The DV-58/CELL is a stand-alone, miniature DVR integrating Cellular Technology, Sleep Mode and Advanced Video Motion Detection.  It has been designed to provide operational solutions for the following requirements:

  • Can operate in any site without electricity or telephone lines
  • Can operate with battery power, drawing only 10mA in sleep mode
  • Can remain in the field for long periods without requiring ongoing maintenance

Cellular technology enables the user to receive notification to your cellphone via SMS message and e-mail with image attachment informing that there has been an intrusion detection, with image encryption available for the secure transmission of information.  This makes it possible to perform immediate alarm verification without the need to go to the site to retrieve the recorded images.

Sleep mode enables low power consumption.  In sleep mode power consumption is reduced to only 10mA, making it ideal for extended use of battery power in remote sites where power sources are unavailable, without physical intervention in the field.  It also enables usage in mobile vehicles such as cars, buses, yachts, trains which utilize the engine for power.

Video motion detection enables defining the area/s of interest within the camera frame, with image recording activated only when there is intrusion detection within the parameters that you have defined.  Therefore all the images recorded will interest you, instead of having to sift through hours of recorded video footage.

Because recording is specific to your defined area of interest, less storage space is required, enabling image recording on removable SD cards in parallel with those being sent as e-mail attachments.  Storage and archiving is simple with SD cards.