Chris Mosley, President of Complete Security Systems highlight's company's new products
According to Chris Mosley, President of Complete Security Systems self-monitoring with video security is a moving trend

Complete Security Systems Inc., Marlboro, New Jersey, is a UL-listed central station and security installation company serving New Jersey and other East Coast areas. According to Chris Mosley, President of Complete Security Systems, attracting young people to the security industry is a challenge. Chris highlights Complete Security Systems' new products, services and training programs that have been developed to keep up with the fast-changing security industry. He admits that the biggest challenge is the pace with which technology becomes obsolete.

President Chris Mosley, who is also a vice president for the Electronic Security Association, Irving, Texas, has been a consummate supporter of the industry and active in local and national associations and many organisations in New Jersey. But that doesn’t mean the company is satisfied with maintaining the status quo.

Skilled labour concerns

While many companies are focused solely on hardware margins and competition, Chris Mosley has other concerns. As a long time security dealer, one of the major challenges he says the company continues to face is finding skilled labour. “It’s difficult to find trained technicians who are willing to learn and adapt to the evolving industry. Attracting young people to this industry is a challenge that I think most companies are also facing.”

Innovative thinking – a step ahead

Still, competition is something every independent security installation company has to face. With behemoths like Comcast and AT&T continuing to reshape the home security market, Complete Security Systems works diligently to stay a step ahead of the competition with innovative thinking.

“In our marketplace we are more challenged with the larger mass-marketing utility companies chasing the residential market,” Mosley says. “Our solution is offering new products and services, such as wireless technology, remote apps and forward-thinking, exceptional customer service. We have stepped up training to introduce and educate our staff to new technologies. We are also educating our existing customer base on the latest technologies and providing forward-thinking services to future-proof their systems from becoming quickly outdated.”

Interactive services and remote apps

When it comes to interactive services, Complete Security Systems doesn’t shy away from new ways of doing business. In fact, Mosley says that the new world of interactive services and remote apps is a great addition and natural fit with the services and products the company has been offering.

"Attracting young people to this industry is a challenge that I think most companies are also facing" says Chris Mosley, President, Complete Security Systems

“Every type of security system that we install has a remote technology or interactive service that is presented to both new and existing customers, whether residential or commercial. We are seeing high demand for interactive services and lifestyle options as more people are tech-savvy today than ever before and want to be able to access everything at their fingertips,” he says.

DIY solutions

The security industry is an extremely competitive marketplace, not only with other integration firms and cable and utility companies, but also with proliferating DIY solutions in the market. Complete Security Systems focuses on superior service to differentiate their company and provide added value.

“Exceptional customer service is at the core of everything we do. We really focus on providing a pleasant experience for our customers from day one. Skilled technicians, radio technology, interactive services and performance UL monitoring are just some of the things we use to keep us ahead of our competitors.”

The future of security

Asked about the future of the security industry, Mosley concedes the outlook for some firms in the business is less than rosy. “At this point, the residential market is becoming devalued and exceedingly competitive,” he comments. “In five to 10 years, I think there will be fewer independent dealers and more mass-market, national companies leading the residential market. As far as the commercial market goes, there will be fewer dealers/integrators, too, and the ones in business will be forced to provide a greater host of services. Self-monitoring with video security is a moving trend – people want to see what is going on rather than just receive an alert. We will see home automation technologies become a standard in the residential security market as well.”

Challange of ‘sun setting’ technology

What is one thing he could change about the security industry? Mosley says it would be the pace with which technology becomes obsolete.

“The constant ‘sun setting’ of technology creates a difficult challenge in keeping the customer connected and up-to-date. The progressing technology, however, does deliver more solutions and services to suit their evolving needs.”