HID Global, trusted leader in solutions for the delivery of secure identity, recently announced the addition of two Glass Tag Ultra radio frequency identification (RFID) transponders to its expanding Animal ID Glass Tag family. The new, innovative HID Global design featured in the Glass Tag Ultra transponders uses patented direct bonding technology and optimised chip placement to achieve a breakthrough boost of performance. Read ranges are improved by up to 35% compared to low frequency glass tags of the same size. The company’s fully automated manufacturing process ensures consistent delivery of these high quality transponders in large volumes.

HID Glass Tag Ultra tubes range from 0.35 inches (9 millimeters) to 0.5 inches (12.5 millimeters) long with 0.08 in (2.12 mm) diameter, enabling subcutaneous tag placement on animals of any size and special industrial applications that require high read ranges. The new tag family also offers the necessary performance to enable specialised use cases like fish identification at a competitive price.

“RFID tags are vastly improving pet and livestock management; it is vital that each tag is placed in a manner in which it can be easily and quickly read to ensure full functionality for the lifetime of tagged animals such as pets and fish,” said Jean-Miguel Robadey, director of animal identification for HID Global, “Our glass RFID tags are helping ensure the health and well being of family pets, where veterinary professionals are demanding HID Global quality for safe implantation.  Our tags are trusted to perform reliably over the long term, minimising the potential for traumatic tag removal and replacement procedures.”

The tags’ compact sizes and biocompatible glass enclosures ensure the transponders may be safely implanted subcutaneously, while minimising discomfort for the tagged animal. In addition, the tags’ superior read range performance reduces the stress of systems operators, caretakers and animals by increasing the distances between them and the reader equipment. All tags are ISO 11784 and 11785 compliant and provide unlimited resistance to water and chemical exposure.