BioConnect and Suprema will be at ISC West 2017 demonstrating the newest innovations in biometrics, security and identity in booth no. 22075. New facial recognition, dual-factor cabinet lock, cybersecurity and mobile solutions will be demonstrated in the joint booth. 

With cybersecurity issues seemingly ever-more prevalent and the development of more user-friendly security solutions such as mobile and contactless biometric, security professionals are consistently seeking ways to protect both physical and logical applications. BioConnect and Suprema are pleased to address these issues with a focus on biometrics, security and identity at ISC West 2017 and invite security professionals to learn more.

Suprema FaceStation 2

Suprema will debut the new FaceStation 2, a facial recognition device with multi-card support. The FaceStation 2 is the next generation of the FaceStation and as a contactless facial recognition device with an adjustable wall bracket to accommodate different heights, it is very user friendly. It boasts an incredibly fast and accurate matching speed (1:3,000 matches in one second) and captures both static and dynamic templates, giving it the ability to constantly evolve and sustain a more exact understanding of the daily changing expressions of the face. The device also offers multi-factor authentication options with a RF card (HID Seos, iClass, Prox) and PIN. It also can operate in much harsher lighting conditions than other competing facial recognition devices with an operating illuminance of up to 25,000 lux. 

BioConnect ID CabinetShield

BioConnect ID is at the core of every biometric service offered by BioConnect and simplifies
the deployment of biometrics

BioConnect colocation customers expressed the need to provide dual-factor authentication from the front door all the way to the cabinet to address both compliance and their customer security requirements. In the past, solutions to meet these requirements at the server cabinet were limited.

To address this problem, BioConnect created BioConnect ID CabinetShield a dual-factor fingerprint plus card lock to secure server cabinets. With biometric (fingerprint) and card support, the lock is manufactured to fit most of the common cabinets and can be easily integrated with over 25 various access control solutions, making installation and enrolment much more simple and sustainable. The BioConnect team has completed multiple successful pilots of the solution in flagship data centers across North America.

BioConnect ID Mobile

With companies going global in footprint and supporting a workforce that is more mobile than ever, BioConnect’s partners are fast-developing solutions where mobile credentials are replacing plastic cards. BioConnect ID is at the core of every biometric service offered by BioConnect and simplifies the deployment of biometrics. BioConnect will debut BioConnect ID in the form of an API/SDK and mobile app to enable enterprises to take advantage of biometrics (face, voice, fingerprint, eyeprint) within their mobile app. BioConnect will be demonstrating partner mobile apps that are secured by BioConnect ID. 

BioConnect ID Cybershield

Suprema and BioConnect are consistently updating their
biometric offerings to support evolving industry standards

BioConnect and Suprema are very excited to debut BioConnect ID Cybershield, a complete end-to-end physical security solution that meets IT requirements. BioConnect ID Cybershield incorporates Suprema BioStation 2 fingerprint plus card access device integrated with leading access control solutions. It boasts software customisations that meet the requirements of network security, from how the device communicates to the panel, to the network, how the data is stored and can even support an enterprise transitioning to newer network protocols such as 802.1x and IPv6. The solution will be demonstrated with Software House CCURE 9000 access control. 

BioConnect ID Enterprise

BioConnect is consistently integrating the leading biometric solutions on the market to offer flexibility to grow in the future. BioConnect and Suprema will demonstrate how Suprema devices and BioConnect ID CabinetShield seamlessly integrate with Lenel OnGuard, Brivo OnAir, AMAG Symmetry, Genetec Security Center and Keyscan Aurora access control solutions with BioConnect ID Enterprise. 

Suprema and BioConnect are also consistently updating their biometric offerings to support evolving industry standards such as communication protocols (such as OSDP) and card types such as HID iClass and SEOS.

BioConnect and Suprema are looking forward to meeting with security professionals at ISC West. Attendees can request a meeting on BioConnect’s website or visit booth no. 22075 to see the latest biometric solutions on the market.