Innovating for a smarter, safer world, industry leaders from Axis highlight the latest trends in surveillance and analytics technology. Ranging from cybersecurity and IoT audio products in retail, to new radar detection technology and access control, the innovations on show are substantial

Industry leaders including Axis Communications, the market leader in network video, have taken to the floor at IFSEC 2017 to discuss how innovative security and intelligent IoT devices have the power to transform security and safety levels, as well as increase operational efficiencies for business success. In a video of news and views directly from the event, Martin Gren, Co-Founder of Axis and IFSEC’s top influencer of the security industry for 2017, was on hand alongside Axis experts, exploring:

  • The importance of audio Internet of Things (IoT) technology within retail environments
  • Axis’ push for greater cybersecurity expertise among its partner network
  • The addition of analytics in retail contributing to the rise of the intelligent high street
  • Axis’ access control integration with HID Global and SimonsVoss
  • New radar detection technology to provide high-end perimeter security

Innovations that address the key challenges of our time

Martin Gren, Co-Founder of Axis Communications, states, “It’s a great pleasure to be voted as the leading influencer in the security industry for pioneering work in driving video surveillance from analogue to IP. Of course, we aren’t standing still and we continue to innovate for the future, driving towards an increasingly connected world. We have some great new technologies that can be integrated with security systems – horn speakers, IP door stations and even radar detection. Alongside our smart Zipstream compression, Axis’ radar detection is one of the most interesting new offerings on show.”

Collaboration to ensure cybersecurity

"When it comes to applying best practice to networks or security systems, there’s a gap in the cybersecurity market which Axis and its partners are directly addressing"

Atul Rajput, Regional Director for Northern Europe, highlighted the scope and challenges of cybersecurity within the industry, stating, “We saw the Mirai botnet last year, and more recently the WannaCrypt ransomware. In the security industry, we have tremendous risk management expertise in relation to people, property, and assets. When it comes to applying best practice to networks or security systems, there’s a gap in the cybersecurity market which Axis and its partners are directly addressing.”

“We have been extending IoT capabilities from video to audio, and these products are some of the solutions we’re most looking forward to showcasing at IFSEC this year. The ability for retailers to have a camera looking at a queue, then sounding an alert should that queue reach a certain size, really highlights the potential of synergistic IoT technology in retail.”

Integrated analytics and the intelligent high street

Andy Martin, Business Development Manager, Retail, confirmed, “The intelligent high street is about using the IP platform to connect new devices, giving it functionality for marketing, operations and sales departments, and of course security and loss prevention specialists. It not only includes connecting devices like tagging systems and Point of Sale, but also adding analytics to increase the value added. Real-time analytics can help retail specialists know how to respond to the number of people within, or the way people are behaving, in a store. Through analytics, retailers can start to change and flex their labour.”

IoT access control

Speaking on Axis’ latest innovations in the access control sphere, John Allen, Business Development Manager, Access Control, noted, “What we’re showing here is a combination of access control linked to audio and outdoor management solutions, to try and give visitors an idea of how we can deliver a solution to their taste, not to our product requirements. The two most important things we’re highlighting are our collaborations with HID Global and SimonsVoss, showcasing mobile access and wireless locking – there’s a fantastic demonstration available that’s been very popular.”