Axis Communications, the provider of network video, introduces Forensic WDR, an enhanced Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) method that focuses on achieving high forensic value in a number of new cameras. WDR is the term commonly used for the art of balancing both very dark and very bright areas in a scene. It is also known as HDR (High Dynamic Range). In the surveillance industry, the aim is to capture forensic detail at all times. Until now, the WDR methods on the market have not been able to add sufficient forensic value to ultra-high resolution cameras or surveillance scenes that feature a significant amount of movement. In launching its Forensic WDR, Axis has addressed both issues in several new cameras.

Forensic WDR

“Current WDR methods on the market struggle to capture the forensic detail needed, especially in challenging scenes with a great deal of movement and where high resolution is needed,” explains Johan Paulsson, Chief Technology Officer at Axis Communications. “With Forensic WDR, the benefits of WDR can be realised even in such scenarios.”

“Forensic WDR pushes the borders and even allows for multi-megapixel cameras to reveal the details in scenes with difficult light conditions,” added Petra Bennermark, Global Product Manager, Axis Communications. “With our new wide range of fixed domes, offering from 5-megapixel resolution up to 4K, we make this technology available for both customers with limited means and for applications exposed to the harshest conditions.”

Cameras featuring Forensic WDR

Axis now announces several cameras that feature Forensic WDR, including new additions to the AXIS P32 and AXIS Q35 Series:

  • AXIS P3227-LV Network Camera
  • AXIS P3227-LVE Network Camera
  • AXIS P3228-LV Network Camera
  • AXIS P3228-LVE Network Camera
  • AXIS Q3517-LV Network Camera
  • AXIS Q3517-LVE Network Camera

AXIS P32 and AXIS Q35 

The new AXIS P32 models offer cost-efficient surveillance that requires minimal effort to install. These fixed domes deliver outstanding video performance with multi-megapixel resolution in full frame rate up to 4K, featuring Forensic WDR, OptimisedIR and Zipstream.

The new AXIS Q35 cameras offer unparalleled video surveillance with a comprehensive feature set, including power redundancy. Electronic Image Stabilisation and IK10+ rating, making them ideal for harsh environments, they address the need for monitoring in multi-megapixel detail at full frame rate with the best video quality on the market, including Forensic WDR, Lightfinder, OptimisedIR and Zipstream.

Axis network cameras featuring Forensic WDR will be showcased at IFSEC International 2017, which takes place from June 20-22 at London ExCeL.