ASL Safety and Security will be exhibiting at Integrated Systems Europe 2017 (ISE 2017) at Amsterdam RAI exhibition centre, 7th-10th February, 2017, showcasing a host of brand new products including INTEGRA, an all-in-one public address/voice alarm system; VIPEDIA RACK, a rack-based EN54 solution; WMC01, a touch sensitive audio controller; and VIPEDIA CONTROL PROTOCOL (VCP), a new text-based control interface.

ASL - Applications Solutions (Safety and Security) is a UK-based systems manufacturer of high-end public address, voice alarm, commercial audio and control system products internationally renowned across transport industries for reliable and complex long-line solutions. ASL’s new product ranges cater for a wide range of industries including transport, retail, stadia, nuclear, roads, tunnels, and oil & gas industries. Established in 1989 and operating from its UK headquarters in Lewes, East Sussex, ASL also operates from offices in Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong.

A full complement of technical, sales, and marketing personnel from ASL is looking forward to welcoming visitors in Hall 7 (stand no.7-E225) for the duration of ISE 2017 to discuss latest product and market developments and to demonstrate new and existing products including the exciting VIPEDA product range.

INTEGRA wall-mounted solution

One of the more recent additions to the VIPEDIA product family, the INTEGRA wall-mounted solution forms a single-box, EN54 compliant public address and voice alarm system. Sleek and uncluttered, INTEGRA is designed with a modular approach and builds upon the proven technology of ASL’s D-series transformerless amplifiers and VIPEDIA DSP. INTEGRA greatly reduces the need for expensive design and build often required for rack-based voice alarm systems.

WMC01 offers both IP and RS485 interfaces, allowing remote control of the local PA system without complicated wiring

Both VIPEDIA-12 and INTEGRA now support direct fibre network connectivity, removing the need for third-party network switches—simplifying the delivery of EN54-16 certified voice alarm systems. Integral battery charging and supply ensures simple EN54 compliance. INTEGRA offers both impedance and DC loudspeaker circuit monitoring, and includes standby amplification to ensure the system will continue to operate even in the event of an amplifier failure.

With each unit capable of delivering 2000W and catering for up to 10 zones, INTEGRA is suitable for both small and large systems alike. Highly flexible, multiple INTEGRA’s can be networked together over IP via integrated EN54 network switches to form larger, distributed systems, and can be easily installed into existing systems for retrofit solutions.

Suitable applications include office blocks, retail stores, hospitals, university campuses and schools.

WMC01 audio controller

The WMC01 is an audio controller with a simple, intuitive design. Touch-sensitive buttons allow switching between various audio sources quickly and easily, whilst also offering volume level adjustment and muting of sound in the local zone.

WMC01 offers both IP and RS485 interfaces, allowing remote control of the local PA system without complicated wiring. A local 3.5mm audio input allows users to connect an audio source directly. The WMC01 is available in black or gold finishes and can be flush-mounted.


VIPEDIA-12 technology combines over 20 years of voice alarm experience, and forms the heart of the ASL’s VIPEDIA rack-based EN54 solution. It takes care of every part of the system, from the monitoring of the loudspeakers and microphones, to the routing of messages to many zones simultaneously.

The VIPEDIA-12 has been designed so that several units can be seamlessly linked together

With on-board messages storage, powerful DSP based audio processing, Dante audio networking, and EN54 certification, VIPEDIA offers a unique combination of professional audio processing and voice alarm reliability.

Lightweight yet powerful D-series amplifiers have been designed to be as environmentally friendly and as power-efficient as possible. Automatic sleep mode operates 24/7, where amps run on ultra-low power consumption during quiet periods and are only activated when they are needed.

The V2000 mainframe houses up to 10 D-series transformerless amplifiers in just 2U of rack space, whilst integrated EN54-4 compliant battery chargers remove the need to house a separate charger, and provides enough current to charge the system to full capacity with ease.

The VIPEDIA-12 has been designed so that several units can be seamlessly linked together over fibre to form a large distributed system. With multiple racks in various locations networked together, complete control can be maintained over huge distances.

VIPEDIA Control Protocol (VCP)

Vipedia Control Protocol (VCP) enables source selection and volume adjustment from any device capable of sending simple ASCII text over IP. Typical examples include touchscreen devices from VITY, Crestron, AMX. By communicating through a simple text-based language, integration is fast, simple, and easy to implement.

With touchscreen control fast becoming the preferred way of managing systems, ASL’s public address, voice alarm and audio solutions can now easily integrate with and be controlled by such devices.