Millennials are an important market, and in one sense, they represent future possibility. The changing tastes and trends of this tech-savvy “Generation Y,” who came of age around the turn of the millennium (circa 2000), are an important consideration in the marketing of security technologies, among many other things. Fortunately, according to a recent survey from ADT, millennials will likely be dependable consumers of security technology products and services for years to come.

Smart phones essential for personal protection

Millennials’ dependence on smart phones and smart watches is legendary, and ADT’s survey points to a not-so-obvious benefit this demographic derives from their smart devices: Peace of mind. According to the survey, 90% of millennials say smart phones and related technologies provide them peace of mind when they are alone. In effect, millennials see smart phones as essential devices for their personal protection (in addition to serving almost every other human need).

Further, fearless millennials also admit their sense of adventure has limits: some 74% say they have been worried about their physical safety at some point in the last 12 months. Some 75% say they are interested in purchasing a personal security device (such as ADT’s Panic Response app and monitoring service available on Samsung smart watches).

Security concerns of millenials

  • 76% of millennials - men and women - have avoided specific experiences due to concerns about personal safety.
  • in the past 12 months, 34% of millennials have avoided crowded spaces such as sporting events or malls.
  • 30% percent of respondents have avoided public transport, 26% have opted out of solo travel, and 25% have not exercised alone due to personal security
  • 90% of millennials take a different route home, switch up the time and place of their exercise, and/or carry pepper spray.
  • 91% of millennials living in urban areas (versus 82% of rural dwellers) think of technology as a safety net.

How millennials perceive danger

It goes without saying that we live in a dangerous world, and it behooves us (of all ages) to take precautions and be attentive to security. How people perceive danger, and how willing they are to take precautions, is another variable that can ensure a lucrative future in the consumer market for security products and services. That perception and that willingness can be observed in Generation Y.

The ability to fully perceive risk comes as a function of age. Young people, for example, may engage in risky behaviour because they feel immortal or they do not fully grasp the dangers involved. It is encouraging to know that the tech-savvy millennial generation has developed a healthy awareness of the dangers of the world – and they will likely be good customers for the security marketplace for years to come. Further, the next wave of consumers, “Generation Z,” is growing up in an even more sophisticated media and computer environment – they are also likely to see technology products as a useful safety and security tool.