MOBOTIX presents the T24 Hemispheric IP Video Door Station

Product Profile

Unique: Allround view with global connectivity and no blind spots

MOBOTIX has successfully enhanced the market for intelligent, IP-based access control and home automation systems for over a year with the innovative, hemispheric IP Video Door Station T24. Hemispheric camera technology enables the user to view the entire area in front of the building. MOBOTIX’ modular T24 system is a product series that provides new and dynamic ideas that are constantly being enhanced and expanded. We would like to present here some of the products that will be going into production soon. Only the best for MOBOTIX customers: The T24 innovations of tomorrow are also compatible with MOBOTIX Door Stations that are purchased today.

New: MxDisplay with touch screen

The display is a versatile expansion module of the hemispheric IP Video Door Station and fits into the system frames and the housing of the Door Station. Equipped with touch screen, the device functions as video intercom, installed in a house, for MOBOTIX Door Stations, and security cameras - including switching functions for door opener and light as well as to retrieve mailbox and event recordings. The device does not require a power connection because it is powered over PoE standard via the network cable.

Expanding the outdoor station

The new weatherproof T24-BellRFID doorbell module will go into production this year. With up to five bell buttons and integrated RFID technology, it offers an alternative to the Keypad, if physical bell buttons are needed.

A new four-piece frame with matching in-wall or on-wall housing integrates four modules and is equipped with an electromagnetic anti-theft protection mechanism. Another development is a special T24 FlatFrame for integrating the Door Station module as seamlessly as possible in stainless steel surfaces or furniture (for example, the MxDisplay). In-wall mounting is also possible. The individual modules are then simply wired to the specific Door Station. An intelligent radar-controlled outdoor light module is also in development.

MOBOTIX App for the iPhone/iPad

T24 owners will be able to use their iPhone or iPad as a remote station in the future. The MOBOTIX App provides notifications when someone rings the doorbell, enables two-way communication with visitors and can remotely open the door. It is also possible to retrieve voice mailbox messages, live images and recordings from all integrated Door Stations and cameras.

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Technical Specification

Manufacturer MOBOTIX AG
Model code T24 IP Video Door Station
Type of Kit/ System Video, Keypad & Audio
Fixed Camera Yes
Environmental Specifications Protection: IP65
Additional info The doorbell triggers a network connection to a video telephone or PC. Automatically stores all activities outside the door with sound (triggered by doorbell, motion sensors or electrical contacts). Power supply via network cable or (already existing) bell wire. Also precisely matches the modular door intercom installation system from SIEDLE. Modules can be integrated, such as doorbell buttons, motion sensors or lighting controls.

Hemispheric door camera. Two-way video via an IP video phone or a standard computer via the network. Keyless Entry via a PIN code or using RFID transponder. Integrated message function: digital voice message can be left at the door station.
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