MOBOTIX newly upgraded MxManagementCenter 1.5

Product Profile

Video Management Systems have gone through a major evolution over the last decade. With advances in video capture, the switch to IP and more powerful processors; a modern VMS can handle a lot more cameras and provide higher levels of automation around event detection.

Decentralised video technology

However, one of the most significant changes is simplification that has made life easier for operators. Much of this change has been spurred by the popularity of decentralised video surveillance technologies that carry out more imaging tasks directly inside the camera instead of having to transfer raw images to the VMS for processing.

MxManagementCenter 1.5 features

As a concept pioneered by MOBOTIX in the early 2000’s, the benefits of decentralisation are visible in its recently upgraded MxManagementCenter 1.5 which provides a simple and intuitive interface for both MOBOTIX and other third party IP cameras. Designed to work on any modern Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS based PC or server, MxManagementCenter offers full screen display of a camera via a mouse-click, multi-monitor support, a clear representation of events and alarms, and the control of door stations, with many functions accessed by a simple "drag and drop" feature.

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Technical Specification

Manufacturer MOBOTIX AG
Model code MxManagementCenter
Software Type Management Software
Additional info

MOBOTIX MxManagementCenter is a video management software with following features:

  • Gesture Control - Touchscreen drag&drop interface
  • High-speed Research - 60-times playback speed and comfortable time lapse
  • Event Statistics - Frequency and cumulations with histogram
  • POS Integration - Video supported inventory analysis
  • Smart Config - Cost reduction by a factor of 10 or more
  • Multi-Monitor - Easy setup of monitor walls
  • Mobile Playback - Adaptive bandwidth management
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