MOBOTIX MxMultiSense: Beyond motion detection

Product Profile

The Passive Infra-Red Sensor (PIR) has been a common part of a security installer’s kit bag for many years; yet these sensors are normally just used to detect movement, which is somewhat limiting. MOBOTIX MxMultiSense offers an innovative alternative. Available in indoor and weatherproof outdoor models, the new 4-way sensor connected via MxBus can be used in combination with a MOBOTIX camera to read specific sensor values.

Additional sensor features

Along with movement detection, each MxMultiSense can also measure noise, temperature and brightness. Various sensors readings can be used individually or combined as desired with event logic to perform intelligent functions. This can include traditional motion detection for alarm activation, along with more advanced automation functions such as turning on or off lights triggered on the Lux level or external heaters based on temperature. With a low power consumption of 0.1 Watt and compatibility with a wide range of signal receiving devices via MxBus, MxMultiSense makes it possible to cost-effectively extend camera installations and monitor areas which cannot be covered by cameras.

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Technical Specification

Manufacturer MOBOTIX AG
PIR Detectors Yes
Temperature Compensation Yes
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor
Wall/Ceiling Mount Wall / Ceiling
Electrical Specifications Power Supply: 48 V DC via MxBus
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: -30 ~ +60 C (-22 ~ +140 F)
Power Consumption 0.1 W
Additional info

The MxMultiSense MxBus device from MOBOTIX is an affordable accessory to increase security inside and outside buildings. The device detects and reports movements and noise levels and measures the temperature and illumination level – environmental information, which can then be used for individually configurable functions, such as activation of a signal output at 5°C or 100 Lx. All four sensors can be combined as desired (via event logic). The compact MxMultiSense has a very low power consumption of 0.1 Watt. With the same form factor as an S15 sensor module, it is therefore compatible with all sensor module mounts available for wall or ceiling installation.

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