New Milestone XProtect® Express – The fastest way to video enable your business

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XProtect Express-The fastest way to video enable businesses

XProtect Express is a new addition to the diverse Milestone XProtect IP video management software (VMS) product line. With support for up to 48 cameras, XProtect Express is affordable VMS for small businesses, especially retail, that want to video enable their surveillance installation. Due to the open platform environment, businesses can seamlessly integrate solutions, building management systems and third-party applications directly into XProtect Express. If you currently have separate solutions that you want to video enable, XProtect Express is an easy way to integrate them and work with one common interface. It can also easily integrate into your current system to create a video-enabled solution. Flexible licensing options and open platform support ensure seamless upgrades and system expansions as security and business needs change.

  • Endless integration possibilities: Customise and add video functionality to new or current installations by integrating third-party applications and business systems
  • Ideal for retail: Optimise store operations with support for add-on products that link transaction data to video
  • Future proof: Using Milestone's unified platform, integrated solutions can be developed and applied to premium XProtect products, making it easy to expand and upgrade your system according to your needs and budget

Integration possibilities help solve any challenge 

XProtect Express supports analytics and third-party integration through the Milestone Integration Platform (MIP). With a MIP plug-in integration you can directly embed applications such as Milestone Solution Partner (MSP) solutions and third-party business and security systems. Also, if you currently have a solution that you want to video enable, such as an access control system, XProtect easily integrates with your existing system to become the central interface. This enables you to monitor and control all of the unrelated systems in your surveillance installation, such as Physical Security Information Management (PSIM), point-of-sale (POS) and people counting, through the XProtect Smart Client. A unified client application is not only more efficient, it also requires less training for new personnel.

MIP plug-ins are also automatically integrated into the XProtect Smart Client - Player. This ensures video evidence has the same features as the software, allowing public authorities and law enforcement to use the benefits of your integrated MIP plug-ins

Application integrations are a cost-effective way to add additional functionality to your installation because all premium XProtect products support MIP. As you upgrade and expand your system, all of your plug-in integrations will seamlessly connect to your new system.

Ideal for retail, add-on products optimise store operations

XProtect Express is the ideal platform for building flexible and scalable IP video solutions for a wide variety of businesses, including retail. It offers support for XProtect Retail and XProtect Transact, two companion products that efficiently monitor customers, transactions and merchandise to improve your bottom line. Both products link transaction data with corresponding video from relevant cameras, helping to verify transactions and reduce fraud. It is also easy to quickly export and distribute video and transaction evidence to authorities.XProtect Retail is an investigation tool for performing advanced data analysis. With search options, full video documentation and a set of pre-defined performance indicators, it is easy to maintain a comprehensive overview of store operations. XProtect Transact allows you to quickly perform a text-only search and view video sequences of specific transactions such as usage of gift cards, credit cards, coupons or when merchandise is returned.


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Technical Specification

Make Milestone
Manufacturer Milestone Systems
Model code XProtect Express
Software Type Recording Software
Download PDF version Download PDF version

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