XProtect Enterprise 7.0 is feature-rich IP video software with ultimate usability

Product Profile

Milestone Systems, the open platform company for IP video management software, announces version 7.0 of XProtect™ Enterprise.  With a new administration interface and tools such as system configuration wizards, automatic device discovery, bulk maintenance options and much more, system operators can reduce both the time and costs of managing large security installations.

Milestone XProtect Enterprise is a world-leading IP video management solution that handles unlimited numbers of cameras, servers, users and sites. Distributed server architecture optimises bandwidth usage, keeping video data traffic between all the elements to a minimum. Version 7.0 will provide security system administrators with significant improvements through an intuitive new Graphical User Interface (GUI) and a series of powerful tools for ultimate usability:

  • System configuration wizards quickly set video quality, online scheduling, frame rates, storage, archiving schedules, and more
  • Automated device discovery uses fast Universal Plug-and-Play (UPnP) and broadcast detection in addition to IP range scanning
  • Smart bulk configuration options apply to both devices and users
  • Adaptable application behaviour guides novices and aids experts in optimisations
  • Export or import system and user configuration data for backups or multi-site cloning
  • Import off-line configuration data including camera definitions
  • Rollback to previous configurations is easy with automatic system restoration points

"Several innovations and state-of-the-art features have been developed for this newest version of XProtect Enterprise to bring customers even better ways to manage video installations. For example, you can auto-detect, find and configure 100 cameras on the network in less than 2 minutes," states Christian Bohn, Head of Product Management at Milestone Systems. "That's an amazing time-saver for larger security systems, and only one of the many great administration tools available. In short:, it makes the security administrator's work fast, efficient and flexible."

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Technical Specification

Make Milestone
Manufacturer Milestone Systems
Model code XProtect Enterprise 7.0
Software Type Surveillance Software
Additional info

Management, scheduling, searching, analysis, and integration with other systems.  Controlling an unlimited number of cameras, multiple servers and multiple sites, XProtect Enterprise interfaces with network video and computer hardware equipment.

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