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As we drive further into an interconnected world, security systems grow more and more complex and video surveillance is no longer just about protecting assets and people ­– it is becoming a critical operational aspect of many organisations. This means that customers require a system that can perform non-stop, at maximum efficiency. Moreover, with technological convergences, video security systems are more often integrated with other systems like access control to form advanced multifunctional systems. In this case, return on investment can only become a reality if the customers have the right level of knowledge in operating and coping with these complex systems.

As the step towards achieving the goal of better system knowledge and guaranteed return on investment, we have introduced Milestone Care – a service offering that gives our customers an added layer of support to protect their security system.

Milestone Care is a complete suite of operational maintenance and support services grouped into four different tiers enabling our customers to choose the support coverage that best fits their business needs, now and in the future. Amongst others, it includes a brand new e-care portal, online chat assistance, 24/7 direct email and telephone support and much more.

To find out the right level of support you can offer the customer, here is a list of the different support tiers under Milestone Care:

Milestone Care Basic – Support begins with Milestone Care Basic. Included with all Milestone products, this level of service gives access to online support resources and user forums. The tier includes access to service releases and device packs for updating camera drivers. Milestone Care Basic offers 30% credit when upgrading a current Milestone software product to the newest version of the same product, or when upgrading to a more advanced product. It is an easy-to-navigate system when looking for quick answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Milestone Care Plus – Take the features offered in the basic package and add advanced system monitoring and system diagnostic options with the Milestone Customer Dashboard, this is what Milestone Care Plus offers. It is an online remote monitoring diagnostic service managed by a Milestone partner to do system health checks and resolve issues. This service level offers full investment protection with 100% credit when upgrading from a current Milestone software product to the newest version of the same product, or when upgrading to a more advanced product. 

Milestone Care Premium – If the customer is looking for direct and prioritised support with email assistance, phone support and expert assistance 24/7/365 in their preferred language, then Milestone Care Premium is the right support tier to offer them. In addition to all the features of Care Plus, with this tier your customers can get prioritised handling within the committed response times with service level agreements, ensuring dependable and swift resolution of issues. The tier is ideal for customers with larger business-critical installations.

Milestone Care Elite – Beyond the services listed above, this package provides a Milestone Technical Account Manager dedicated to the customer - the highest possible support level from Milestone tailor-made to fit the business needs. Prioritized handling and committed resolution times with service level agreements, ensures that any critical software issue is resolved promptly and professionally. Customers gain direct access to Milestone internal support systems, with deep insights into the workings of the VMS. This service tier is suitable for organisations operating mission-critical video surveillance installations.

With four levels of support services, Milestone Care is a panoptic tool that can be offered to any Milestone end user irrespective of the Milestone XProtect® VMS product they use. Milestone Care suite of services is designed to maximise the value of Milestone’s products for customers through the entire lifecycle of their investment. Included in the Milestone Care portfolio is a wide range of operational and maintenance services that customers can take advantage of. Some key benefits are: 

  • Committed response times – Milestone Care is not just about getting the system up and running, but also about making sure that the system performs and delivers as it should, with minimum interruption. Based on the response time commitments in the service agreements, for the respective Milestone Care tiers, the Milestone technical support team will be able to prioritise and resolve issues, reducing downtime and operational costs.
  • Investment protection for the security system – With up to 100% credit available for upgrades and trade-ins, ongoing investment costs is something the customer does not have to worry about.
  • 24x7x365 support – for business-critical security systems, that require dedicated monitoring, having round-the-clock support is essential. The option of having a dedicated product expert, just a phone call away means support is available at any time.

The Milestone Care support team consists of fully trained product experts who can resolve issues and in some cases also offer support in certain local languages. The support team can help your customers’ needs are met throughout the product’s life cycle. 

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Technical Specification

Make Milestone
Manufacturer Milestone Systems
Model code Milestone Care
Software Type Management Software
Additional info Milestone Care is a supplement to the support users receive from Milestone’s broad and highly qualified network of resellers and integrators. It includes four different service offerings – allowing users to handpick the right level of coverage to match their business’ specific requirements.
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