Unauthorised Vehicle Presence Module™ from MAXxess™

Product Profile

Vehicles entering and parking in sensitive areas can pose a serious security threat.  The Unauthorised Vehicle Presence Module™ is not just a motion detector - it is specifically designed to recognise vehicles.  An alarm for a detected vehicle is automatically displayed to the security control centre along with the corresponding video display.

Key functionality includes:
  • Differentiates between stationary and moving vehicles
  • Vehicle classification by length
  • 24 detector zones per camera
  • Easy remote configuration of detection zones
  • Cable or wireless communication
  • Solar Power option
  • Programme alarm delays
  • Minimises false calls due to wind, animals, people and other non-vehicular intrusions

Seamlessly integrates with MAXxess security systems to offer complete software solutions integrating Alarm Monitoring, Access Control, CCTV and Environmental Security.

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Technical Specification

Make MAXxess
Manufacturer MAXxess Systems Europe Ltd.
Model code Vehicle Detector
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 18.41 x 48.26 x 26.67
Accessories Vehicle camera detector alarm system
Additional info 24 detector zones per camera with up to 6 camera inputs accepted. Each detector zone holds a call for presence while vehicle remains in zone. 3 detector configurations can be stored for each camera. Weight= 9kg. Ideal temperature of environment is -37 ~ +74 degrees. Standard power is 115VAC.
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