MAXxess Systems, Intelligent Modular Controllers, RAMM & BLP

Product Profile

Remote Access Memory Module (RAMM™) is an add-on for the AXxess™ 202/NS software which enhances panel performance in dial-up and LAN/WAN operation modes. The RAMM™, when used locally or remotely will improve communication/performance and reduce the amount of data transmission throughout the system
  • 2 year warranty
  • GSM / PSDN dial-up Modem
  • Wireless / Ethernet Communications

AXxess™ Lite / Express / 202 / NS software uses the hardware controllers BLP's (BarLock™ Processors) which are microprocessor based units with true distributed intelligence. This allows the BLP to be used as a stand-alone unit or part of a Modular network system. The BLP Controller has 1 or 2 door capacity supporting 2 readers of different reader technologies.

  • Up to 30 Programmable sensor Inputs
  • Up to 16 Programmable Relay Outputs
  • RS 485 / 232 / Fibre optics communication
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Technical Specification

Make MAXxess
Manufacturer MAXxess Systems Europe Ltd.
Category CCTV>CCTV software
Model code RAMM/BLP
Accessories Remote access module for AXxess 202/NS
Additional info Add-on memory module for AXxess 202/NS by providing local control of the MAXxess BarLock field processors. Available with an Ethernet interface for real-time, remote-site access control. Handles up to 410 sensors per RAMM, up to 100 alarm zones, up to 254 access levels, 2700 timed events, 256 schedules with 50 time intervals, 200 input/output dependencies and 5 elevators.
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