RIVA devices and Luxriot VMS presents one of the most powerful VCA+VMS solution available today

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Video Content Analysis (VCA) has been around for over 10 years. At VCA inception most of us put very optimistic expectations on how industry changing technology this is. However, with all its ups and downs we finally got to the point, where we finally take VCA realistically and fully understand its benefits and limitations. Adding Video Content Analysis to a video surveillance system will improve system's overall performance and usability as well as widen horizons of tasks it solves. Therefore, VCA usage is justified for all systems from small (few cameras) to a large scale projects (thousands of cameras).

Today the most important issue is how to integrate VCA into a video surveillance system. Some manufacturers offer VCA as a complete self-sustained product. This is a good solution, if VCA is the only application in a system. Since it is practically impossible to build a full functioning video surveillance system without tight integration between VCA and a Video Management Software (VMS). Some VMS manufacturers have their own VCA built into the software. However, this solution takes a waste toll on computing resources and has low accuracy, because of the necessity to decompress incoming h.264 video streams in order to process video data, which anyway had been already altered by h.264 codec.

Putting VCA inside a camera seems to be a native solution for multiple reasons:

  • VCA inside has an access to the raw video data.
  • There is no additional load onto the VMS system, since all the VCA's computations done by the camera.
  • Camera functions can be controlled by VCA, ie PTZ, video stream parameters, etc.
  • Onboard VCA can reduce the false alarms dramatically

Today only RIVA cameras are delivered with the intelligent “onboard” video analytics – powered by VCA Technology – as a standard at no extra costs. Thereby, video images are already analyzed and evaluated before either being saved in the camera or transmitted for storage. Thus, the transmission of large data volume is avoided and high costs for storage belong to the past. Additionally, false alarms are significantly reduced.

The RIVA product range covers all variants of high-performance box cameras, domes, PTZ domes, thermal and bullet cameras for indoor/outdoor use as well as encoder series. RIVA cameras and encoders are already equipped with intelligent VCA covering brilliant images at resolutions from VGA to 2 MP / Full HD 1080p.

On the other end Luxriot VMS offers outstanding support for the main feature of the RIVA IP product -  on-board video analytic's, powered by VCA Technology. Metadata from the cameras is not only used for intelligent archive search, but also works well with "Alarm and Action Manager" feature offered by Luxriot VMS. "Alarm and Action Manager" allows Luxriot VMS Server application to perform wide range of actions on certain event from IP device. For RIVA products, Luxriot VMS also considers VCA metadata as an event trigger. Allowing software to Start/Stop recording, activating PTZ preset on required camera, to send email or run third party application and to send Digital Input when ever configured VCA event took place.

Luxriot is an open architecture VMS. Since it was introduced to the market in 2005, Luxriot VMS demonstrated that quality and stability are the keys of the product. Simple yet powerful Luxriot VMS already supports over 1800+ devices from more than 100 major vendors. While having largest support list of devices available on market, Luxriot VMS also offers a wide range of demanded functionality and features, demonstrating well established software development processes.

RIVA devices and Luxriot VMS presents one of the most powerful VCA+VMS solution available on the market today. Insuring you that no important events will be missed, increasing productivity of surveillance system and allowing to lower your expenses for human and hardware resources.

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Technical Specification

Make Luxriot
Manufacturer A&H Software House, Inc.
Model code VMS Software
Software Type Management Software
Additional info Luxriot is an open architecture Video Management System (VMS). Luxriot accepts MJPEG, MPEG4 and H.264 as well as HD and megapixel video streams from Network (IP) cameras, encoders and video capture boards. Luxriot Integrated with over 1500 devices from all major manufacturers including Axis, Arecont Vision, Basler, SONY, IQinVision, UDP, Acti, Vivotek and others. This along with Luxriot client-server architecture allows to build hybrid scalable solutions from a single NVR/DVR to the multiple server system handling thousands of cameras. Both ONVIF and PSIA support. Generic RTSP devices support. Multicaast support. Two-way audio recording. iPhone and Android client.
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