LG LDV-S154C 16-Channel DVR with DVD writer

Product Profile

Genie CCTV now supplies an enhanced version of the popular LG LDV-S154 Triplex 16-channel digital DVR with an internal multi standard DVD re-writer.
  • The LG model LDV-S154C DVR is suitable for a wide range of applications including remote site viewing.
  • Excels as a replacement for time-lapse and real time VCR’s/Multiplexer combinations, providing a high rate of recording at 720 x 288 resolution, using Wavelet video compression.
  • Can be fitted with up to three internal hard drives, giving storage of up to 1.2 terabytes, additional storage can be achieved with a variety of backup devices including remote HDD’s, JBOD and RAID (up to 60TB) using the S154’s USB and IEE1394 Fire Wire connections.
  • Features include: motion detection, situation e-mail notification, alarm output functions, multi monitor outputs including SVHS & VGA, GUI, RS485 High Speed Dome control locally and remotely and a software ‘Watchdog’.
  • Recording and search functions include: multiplexer recording, 1 channel audio recording, seven step recording resolution, schedule programming functions, remote view, search and back-up through a network, and jog/shuttle control functions for picture-by-picture or forward or reverse fast/slow viewing.
  • Unique feature called “Panoramic Playback” enables the unit to show every image recorded in a 4x4 montage so that no evidence is missed.

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Technical Specification

Make LG Electronics
Manufacturer LG Electronics Inc.
Model code LDV-S154
Channels 16
Recording Mode Timelapse / Event
Monitor Outputs 16
Multiplexer Type Triplex
Storage Capacity GB 1638.4
Image per second (IPS) 50
Compression Type Wavelet
Resolution 720 x 288
Signal Mode PAL/NTSC
Recording System HDD
Mount type 16 /16
IP Ready PTZ
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 432 x 88 x 430
Additional info Remote search and image transmission through LAN. Audio recording playback function.
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