TeleEye turnkey HD surveillance system
TeleEye turnkey HD surveillance system

TeleEye Turnkey HD Surveillance System is a complete end-to-end solution, including HD video cameras, recorders and video management software. As all components in the system come from the same development, we can ensure the seamless compatibility and optimised performance in the operations. This one-stop-shop approach eliminates the necessity to deal with multiple vendors when any support is required.Comprehensive HD Camera RangeTeleEye offers comprehensive camera range and professional video management solutions for the customers to tailor-make their HD surveillance system. TeleEye MX HD Video Cameras incorporate with proprietary multi-stream compression technology, HD SMAC-M. The cameras can generate 4 independent video streams and allow simultaneous HD video recording at resolution of 720p and fast video transmission via LAN, broadband or mobile networks.Professional Video Management Solutions sureSIGHT is a versatile video management solution that is fully compatible with the whole GX and MX product ranges. Its modular and scalable design gives users tremendous flexibility to build up the most suitable platform to cater for their specific video management requirements.Complete HD Video Recording SolutionsureREC HD Recorder is basically a PC-based platform pre-installed with sureREC V3 viewing and recording software and pre-configured with the Windows' group policy to restrict unnecessary access of the system to assure the system stability. It comes with 1TB and 3TB storage options to cater for different user's recording requirements. It is designed to support recording and monitoring of 16 MX cameras at a maximum recording frame rate of 200fps in HD resolution.Advantages and key features• Crisp Video - HDTV Quality and Resolution • Peace of Mind - End-to-End Preconfigured to Your Requirements • Comprehensive Camera Range and Professional Video Management Solutions • Mobile Monitoring on iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Other Smart Phones, etc. • Independent & Efficient HD Recording Stream - Multi-stream HD SMAC-M Compression • Multiplexing 64 HD Cameras on One Screen - Optimised Viewing Performance & Flexibility • Outstanding Video Transmission on the Internet and Mobile Networks• Support Standard Data Redundancy Solution e.g. RAID, DAS Systems

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