Compare SNC-ER520 with SNCDH110/W  (2)

Chip Inch Size
Colour Type
Colour / Monochrome
Colour / Monochrome
Resolution TVL
720 x 480
1.3 MP
Sensitivity lux
Dome Type
Pan Speed o/ sec
Tilt Speed o/ sec
Digital (DSP)
24 V AC
Focal length
3.4 ~ 122.4 mm
2.34 mm
Rotation Angleso
H.264, MPEG-4, JPEG
H.264, MPEG4, JPEG
Auto Gain Control
White Balance
Electronic Shutter range
1/1 ~ 1/10,000 s
1/2 ~ 1/10000 s
Signal Mode
Mount Type

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Sony and Johnson Controls enhance security at Mineirão Stadium in Brazil for FIFA World Cup 2014
Sony and Johnson Controls enhance security at Mineirão Stadium in Brazil for FIFA World Cup 2014

Sony cameras offer a perfect recording and monitoring solution for high quality image analysis and detection Mineirão Stadium, officially known as The Estádio Governador Magalhães Pinto, has been redeveloped into a 64,000 seat multi-event arena with intelligent security systems and sustainable power consumption. Background 48 years ago, on 5 September 1965, the Estádio Governador Magalhães Pinto was inaugurated with a match between Seleção Mineira and River Plate. Since then, the stadium, popularly known as Mineirão, has undergone several refurbishments and been listed by the Cultural Heritage Advisory Committee of the Belo Horizonte municipality. Now, in preparation to host matches during the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ and 2016 Summer Olympics, Mineirão has undergone large-scale redevelopment to make it a multi-event arena. Managed by Minas Arena, it is considered one of the country’s main stadiums and has now earned it its place as one of the key venues for the two biggest sporting events in the world. Challenges The main challenge was to select a high-tech security solution for the arena, with technology that reached and exceeded the standards in force at major football stadiums abroad. This had to be done while complying with FIFA’s requirements, whilst time minimising costs in order to remain within the set budget. A Technology Committee was established at the planning and construction stage. This Committee defined the systems, IT and telecommunications solutions for the Minas government’s public notice, using the most sophisticated technology, in line with FIFA’s requirements. Solution Systems integrator Johnson Controls set the parameters for consideration and selected Sony cameras for the project. The selection process took several types of cameras into account, based on the individual requirements of each one. Sony solutions The Full Solution Comprised of: 364 Sony security cameras 275 fixed HD high-resolution cameras 89 SNC-ER520 rapid dome cameras The Sony SNC-DH180 was used for the fixed camera requirements. Used to protect against vandalism it has an infrared illuminator that guarantees images even in darkness. They are high-resolution HD cameras, offering 30 frames per second and a PoE (Power Over Ethernet) system, meaning they can be powered using the data transfer cable - simplifying the infrastructure. Sony SNC-ER520 rapid dome cameras were used for the mobile cameras, providing a 360º continuous pan quality image, with a wide visual field, PTZ 36x optical functions and 12x digital zoom. Their power system is HPoE (High Power Over Ethernet).The cameras were installed in strategic locations to allow monitoring of internal areas, the stands and critical areas. They are located in areas which included internal corridors, the car park, turnstile access areas and by the pitch. All the images generated by the CCTV system are directed to Mineirão’s Operational Control Centre. These images are monitored in real time to assist with security. CCTV operation and management software is available, and all images are stored on a server for a fixed period of time. Sony rapid dome cameras were used, providing 360º continuous pan quality images Why Sony Was Selected Johnson Controls carried out a broad market analysis, to select the best partner for the project. They required a partner that would honour the company’s strength and had appropriate technical expertise, with the potential to provide their employees with the best training. In a partnership that was approved by the Technology Committee, Sony was selected because it best fulfilled these criteria, while also providing the reliability and versatility that the stadium needed. Sony’s cameras were easily integrated into the stadium’s CCTV management infrastructure. On top of high image standards, Sony’s IP cameras also offer DEPA (Distributed Enhanced Processing Architecture) smart image analysis features. These offer the Minas Arena the perfect recording and monitoring solution for high quality image analysis and detection through alarm activation and processing in and around the stadium. Results The planning, supply and installation of the Sony systems were completed in record time, between March and December 2012. The Stadium is now equipped with a state of the art security solution that meets the safety requirements set by Johnson Controls and Minas Arena Technology Committee.

Sony networked video security solution protects people, buildings and valuable equipment at Serbian agricultural company Backa Sivac
Sony networked video security solution protects people, buildings and valuable equipment at Serbian agricultural company Backa Sivac

Sony SNC-VB600 and SNC-XM632 IP cameras as well as SCA-S30 outdoor speaker were installed Sony video security cameras maintain a watchful eye over efficient farming operations and employee safety at agricultural specialist company Backa Sivac in the Republic of Serbia. Controlled from a central network monitoring centre, SNC-VB600 and SNC-XM632 IP network cameras play a central role on the busy farm. Protecting people, buildings and valuable equipment, the cameras have also driven a significant increase in employees’ daily productivity. Background Located 165km from the Serbian capital Belgrade, specialist agricultural business Backa Sivac is a major food producer serving Serbia’s domestic market. Employing over 60 permanent members of staff, the company produces a wide range of crops including wheat, barley, beets, soybeans, sunflower and corn. Farm workers' safety Spread across 1450 hectares of privately-owned land, the extensive site features many warehouses, grain silos and mechanical workshops together with arable land and a pig farm. The safety of farm workers across such a large site is of prime concern for Backa Sivac. As is the security of the farm’s valuable inventory of mechanical equipment, fuel, fertiliser, seed and other materials that may be at risk in unattended buildings. Just as importantly, Backa Sivac needed to keep a close eye on the operational efficiency of farm processes to ensure that employees are performing adequately. Sony solution To help Backa Sivac streamline the efficiency and safety of its farming operations, Sony proposed a networked video security solution that provides round-the-clock monitoring of buildings, machinery and employees. Provided and installed by video security specialist and integration partner Star Master, the network of cameras gives farm management a detailed overview of activity across the extensive site – in all weathers and under any lighting conditions. HD video from each camera is transmitted wirelessly to Star Master’s centralised network monitoring and control centre in the Serbian town of Kula. Here, images from each camera are viewed on a large ‘video wall’ of 24 screens. This provides network operations staff with an at-a-glance overview of activity in all areas the Backa Sivac site, day and night. "With the help of our technology partners Sony and Star Master, we’ve been able to increase commercial efficiency in many areas, reducing illegal activities and also enjoying better visibility of assets and farming processes" A total of twenty SNC-VB600 cameras keep a watchful eye over employees and valuable equipment in warehouses, workshops and vehicle garages. The compact ‘all-in-one’ network camera delivers crisp 720p HD video coverage via its wide-angle lens. Its built-in movement sensor can trigger an alarm event or switch on the cameras’ integrated LED illuminator, a powerful deterrent to would-be thieves. With the addition of Sony´s SCA-S30 Outdoor Speaker, the camera’s built-in microphone allows two-way voice communication between employees in outbuildings and network operations centre staff. Four farm tractors have each been fitted with a pair of SNC-XM632 minidome IP cameras. Boosting employee safety, the compact cameras monitor activity in the cabin and at the rear of the vehicle. Developed specially for in-vehicle use, the rugged SNC-XM632 captures crisply detailed Full HD images via its wide-angle lens and sensitive, high-resolution Exmor™ CMOS sensor – even in low-light conditions where other cameras struggle to see clearly. Video is recorded directly onto removable SD memory card while the tractor’s in use. At the end of the working day, footage is automatically transferred back to base wirelessly for later analysis as required. Increased commercial productivity The arrival of Sony´s networked video solution has transformed commercial efficiency at Backa Sivac. The farm’s management team report better visibility of day-to-day operations, from accurate assessment of employees’ activities to monitoring of crop levels stored in warehouses. It’s estimated by the company that overall productivity has been increased by the equivalent of one hour’s additional labour per employee each day. More efficient deployment and monitoring of farm vehicles’ movements has also contributed to major savings in fuel costs. Further benefits include heightened safety and security for farm staff, with the discreet presence of cameras across the site helping safeguard valuable buildings, plant and machinery. In total, Backa Sivac estimates that its investment in networked video security across the farm estate has been repaid in just six months. Why was Sony selected? Sony network cameras offered an ideal solution for Backa Sivac, providing detail-packed video images with high sensitivity and low noise – an essential factor for efficient monitoring at dusk or in in dimly-lit conditions. Fitted in agricultural vehicles, specialist cameras like the SNC-XM632 offer the extra benefit of reliable operation in hostile outdoor environments where rain, extremes of temperature and mechanical vibration are encountered daily. Customer quote "Growth in our business has previously been impeded by problems like theft and poor productivity. With the help of our technology partners Sony and Star Master, we’ve been able to increase commercial efficiency in many areas, reducing illegal activities and also enjoying better visibility of assets and farming processes.” - Miladin Acanski, Director, Backa Sivac. Product list: 20x SNC-VB600 cameras 10x SCA-S30 Outdoor Speaker 8x SNC-XM632 minidome IP cameras

Sony video security solution monitors Loon Fung’s new Stratford shopping centre store
Sony video security solution monitors Loon Fung’s new Stratford shopping centre store

With over 40 years in the industry, Loon Fung has been providing oriental food to retailers, restaurants and cash and carry customers throughout London. In its new Stratford shopping centre store, opened in 2014, Loon Fung has installed a Sony video security solution to monitor its shop, warehouse and checkout area. Background When looking for a new video security solution for its Stratford store, Loon Fung made it clear that a robust video system was required which would offer the highest quality surveillance and monitor every angle of the premises. It was essential that the solution was discreet and non-obtrusive, but still capable of producing wide angle shots across the store to provide full coverage. The installation is a step forward for the wholesaler, which has migrated their video solution from analogue to IP to future-proof their security system, making it easier to use, whilst ensuring the safety and surveillance of the whole store. Challenges Retail environments require discreet security solutions, which offer the best quality images and coverage without intruding on customers and staff. Loon Fung also had to install a security solution which integrated seamlessly with the store’s existing fixtures, but captured activity across the full expanse of the two storey premises, covering areas including the shop floor, warehouse, office, kitchen and food production area. Sony solution Sony Clarity and Quality – 30 Full HD and HD Sony cameras were selected to monitor every aspect of the store, including indoor and outdoor mini-dome cameras. This included 12x SNC-XM632, 13x SNC-EM600, 2x SNC-EM602R, 1x SNC-VM600, 1x SNC-VM602R and also 1x SNC-HM662 360-degree hemispheric-view camera. Results A fully integrated, easy to operate system has delivered comprehensive security at Loon Fung. The separate streams by Sony’s cameras capture high definition recording without the need for a large powered server on the premises, meaning they can deliver multiple streams for monitoring whilst simultaneously carrying out motion detection throughout the premises. The IPELA ENGINE™ EX signal processing system and Exmor™ CMOS sensor used in Sony’s cameras mean that the images look clearer, sharper and more detailed. These technologies work together to provide easy to review, high quality video content in every lighting condition, whether in challenging low-light conditions or with harsh backlighting. Why Sony was selected "Loon Fung’s requirement for discretion and multi-area security made the combination of Sony’s mini-dome cameras the ideal option" Having established a longstanding relationship with Sound and Safe, an electronic security installation company, through prior work on other sites, Loon Fung trusted they would deliver not only the highest quality security solution, but one which would stand the test of time. Thanks to the depth of Sound and Safe’s industry expertise and knowledge of Sony’s video security products, the company was able to deliver a solution which perfectly fitted its customer’s requirements. This was achieved by implementing a system which integrated effectively into various parts of the premises, providing detailed video coverage of the entire site. The system not only secures the store and its contents, but also future-proofs the supermarket’s investment by delivering full-HD imagery at a competitive and affordable price. Quotes Derek Chan, Loon Fung commented: “When we were looking to upgrade our security solution, we wanted wide angle imagery covering every aspect of the store which did not intrude on our customer’s in store experience. Sound and Safe had recommended Sony’s cameras from the outset and helped navigate our move towards an IP-based future. Since installing the solution just over three months ago, we have been very impressed. The technology delivers outstanding image quality and brings with it a whole host of more flexible surveillance options that will support our drive for reliable 24 hour surveillance.” Jamie Merry, Sound and Safe says of the solution: “Having worked with Sony for many years, we remain impressed by the breadth and quality of its video security solutions which meet the high standards of a range of applications across various markets. Loon Fung’s requirement for discretion and multi-area security made the combination of Sony’s mini-dome cameras the ideal option. We have been working with Loon Fung across all of their sites, and Sony technology has been core to delivering the briefs and migrating the latest future-proofing surveillance systems.”