Compare SD8362E with FD7131  (2)

Colour Type
Colour / Monochrome
Colour / Monochrome
Resolution TVL
640 x 480
Dome Type
Continuous Rotation
Fixed Focus
24 V AC
12 VDC, PoE
Rotation Angleso
360 pan, 90 tilt
H.264, M-JPEG, MPEG-4
Chip Inch Size
Sensitivity lux
1.5 @F1.4
Focal length
2 ~ 4
Auto Gain Control
White Balance
Electronic Shutter range
1/5 ~ 1/15,000
Built-in IR LED

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Latest IP Dome camera case studies

VIVOTEK IP CCTV system installed at Siam Paragon shopping centre in Thailand
VIVOTEK IP CCTV system installed at Siam Paragon shopping centre in Thailand

Siam Paragon, the eponymous shopping centre built by Siam Paragon Development Co. Ltd., opened its doors to the public in 2005. The complex was well received and has since enjoyed eight years of steady fanfare, enough time and growth to warrant a comprehensive CCTV system upgrade. Moving toward the Intelligence Overhauling the eight-year-old CCTV system involved a delicate process of replacing the original coaxial cable with a new UTP cable. Both systems had to be fully operational for the entire duration of the swap, running parallel to each other until the new cable was successfully in place. Only once the new CCTV system was completely installed could the old system be disengaged. Aside from the tricky hands-on aspect of the upgrade, time pressure further presented a twofold problem. First of all, the project had to be completed within four months. Even under normal circumstances that is a relatively tight deadline, but there was yet a second catch: work could only commence after shopping hours. When the Siam Paragon closed its doors for the night, a new wave of activity was set in motion on the inside. Thankfully the team was able to pull off the project in due time, and the migration to VIVOTEK’s new system proved fruitful. The project served as a testament to the nature of VIVOTEK’s clientele. The discerning customers in Thailand have an eye for quality, which was the only factor they had to consider given their flexible budget. They compared VIVOTEK products to those of the industry’s top 5 leading brands and decided on upgrading to VIVOTEK’s full IP CCTV system. VIVOTEK’s Supreme Series products come with an impressive host of features, including Full HD, WDR sensors, IR illuminators, and top of the line Day/Night cameras. For VIVOTEK’s distributor TSOLUTIONS, who won the bid for this project, the choice was obvious. Siam Paragon installed a total of 700 cameras ranging from five of our models: FD8161, FD8162, SD8362E, IP8362, and MD8562. TSOLUTIONS proposed VIVOTEK’s Supreme Series for this project to maximise customer benefit. VIVOTEK’s cameras, coupled with intelligent video system NVR, provide the option of full function analytics: People Counting evaluates the number of visitors per given period of time; Point-of-sales integration assists in Loss Prevention, allowing desired footage to be accessed almost instantaneously; Face Detection captures the face images and indexes them for easy investigation, should the need arise. Using this technology any suspicious activity or alarm triggering events can be analysed with ease. The integration of this system with VIVOTEK’s cameras not only provides great image quality, but also ensures that customers at Siam Paragon have a safe and secure shopping environment. Advanced security, enhanced safety After Siam Paragon migrated to the new IP CCTV system, the upgrade exceeded Mr. Wornphom Kerdniyom’s expectation. Wonphom, who is the BAS Manager of Siam Paragon, commented on the new system, “We can see major improvements in the image quality, especially during strong sunlight. The increase in resolution from D1 to Full HD is also remarkable, now we can get clear visuals of customers’ faces from 15 meters away.”" The system utilises a comprehensive networking design as a module, meaning there is no single point of failure, a brilliant safety feature to which Wonphom remarked, “the system comes with a brain that accurately triggers the alarm, and it does so right upon setup, it’s very intuitive. If we have an intruder entering a hot zone, the alarm is set off and our operators can respond in real time. Besides, we provide the back-up storage inside SD Card of the camera itself to ensure that in case of network congestion problem, we still got the video footage, together with NVR Failover system, when some NVR got problem, we can move that NVR to record in Failover Server Instead. We thank TSOLUTIONS that bring the great VIVOTEK IP CCTV system to Siam Paragon.” With the new system in place, Thailand’s top shopping center just got a little bit better.

VIVOTEK’s security surveillance solution deployed at Sama College, Iran
VIVOTEK’s security surveillance solution deployed at Sama College, Iran

Sama College has deployed high-performance security network cameras from VIVOTEK Background Founded in 2004, Sama Technical and Vocational Training College is affiliated with Islamic Azad University, one of Iran’s premier institutions of higher learning. As part of the University‘s branch spreads throughout the cities on the west side of Kermanshah, there has been a pressing need for the College to expand and enhance its infrastructure as rapidly as possible in order to satisfy the students, the faculty members, the staff and other stakeholders. This expansion has led Sama College to embark on a multi-year project to deploy and extend a surveillance solution provided by VIVOTEK. Solution Pouya Fara Negar (PFN), a highly esteemed distributor of VIVOTEK in Iran, has worked with system integrator Gostaresh Informatics to implement the project, which relies on a range of VIVOTEK cameras and its in-house ST7501 software. According to PFN, the project commenced at Sama College Building No. 1 in 2006 with the installation of a combination of VIVOTEK IP7131s and FD7132s. In later years, additional VIVOTEK cameras were deployed to extend the security system to Building No. 2. In the latest phase of the project, which rolled out over the past year or so, Sama College has extended the security system to the newly constructed Building No. 3 and a workshop facility, outfitting each with an ST7501 server along with high-performance network cameras from VIVOTEK, while strengthening the existing security system at Building No. 2. Cameras installed during this phase include the FD8134, the IP8332 and the SD8362E. Even at night, with IR illuminators effective up to 15M, the bullet camera guarantees superior image quality around the clock According to Sahar Hadian from PFN, the FD8134 is chosen for monitoring indoor areas, mainly hallways. With the 3-axis mechanical design for ceiling/wall mount installation, the compact, user-friendly fixed dome has always been a favourite among system integrators and installers. As for outdoor areas, the IP8332 is selected for large outdoor public spaces, such as student lounges, court yards and hangout spots on campus. Even at night, with IR illuminators effective up to 15M, the bullet camera guarantees superior image quality around the clock. Last, but not least, the SUPREME, full HD SD8362E plays a vital role in watching over the grounds around the buildings, as the 20x zoom lens enable the speed dome to capture sharp details at an extensive distance. The device also incorporates Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology, allowing the device to be able to capture clear footages even under challenging lighting conditions. Customer Feedback Hadian indicates that excellent quality and reasonable cost are the reasons why the management members of Sama College have put trust in products from VIVOTEK. She also reports that their actual performance in operation, as well as the robustness of the ST7501 management, makes it an easy choice for the College to continue working with VIVOTEK for the remaining part of the project. Hadian notes that with the level of complexity and difficulty of this project, the fact that the decision makers at the College have maintained their favour of VIVOTEK products is a testament to the ability of VIVOTEK teams to satisfy the requirements of demanding applications.

VIVOTEK cameras ensure complete security and safety of India’s oldest library collection
VIVOTEK cameras ensure complete security and safety of India’s oldest library collection

116 VIVOTEK cameras were utilised to design the surveillance solution for the library Background Goa Central Library, located in the State of Goa, West of India, is the oldest library in the country. Since the Library opened its door in 1832, the facility has maintained a collection of nearly 200,000 books in Goa’s official language of Konkani, as well as many other languages. The book section carries Goan newspapers dating back 130 years as well as a collection of literature printed in Goa of the 17th century. The Library also houses a number of rare collections documenting Goa’s past as a Portuguese colony and other items of historical importance. Challenges While the Library owns many valuable items, its most recurrent security issue has been visitors thoughtlessly tearing pages out of books or otherwise damaging them. Lost and stolen books, disturbances resulting from loud conversations, and theft of stationery were other problems that administrators hoped an effective monitoring regime could help alleviate. Solution Goa Library’s facilities encompass a wide variety of environments – from dimly lit stacks with long narrow aisles to brightly illuminated reading rooms with broad unbroken spaces – posing a challenge for system integrators aiming to provide a robust surveillance solution while keeping administration simple. Ultimately, Reconnoitre Systems, in association with AUTOCOP, developed a solution adopting a total of 116 pieces of VIVOTEK cameras – 78 pieces of FD7131s, 30 pieces of SD8121s and eight SD7323 units, in addition to VIVOTEK in-house ST7501 software. Benefits The new surveillance solution offered greater coverage and excellent image quality VIVOTEK FD7131 is a fixed dome network camera designed for indoor surveillance. Its wide-angle vari-focus lens provides maximum coverage, while a sophisticated 3-axis mechanical design enables simple, flexible installations on either a ceiling or a wall. The FD7131 fields not only a rich feature set but also advanced technologies like a passive infrared sensor for motion detection and built-in white-light illuminators for situations where light levels are low. The FD7131 can even transmit dual streams of video at different resolutions, allowing simultaneous real-time viewing on separate devices—for example, on an on-site administrator’s PC and on a mobile phone, thanks to 3GPP support. VIVOTEK SD8121 speed dome network cameras, which are now in use at the Library, is like an icing on a cake to FD7131’s baseline of features by adding powerful 12x optical zoom, enabling administrators to obtain sharp details even at considerable distances. With sophisticated remote pan/tilt capabilities, the camera offers a full 360° pan and 90° tilt, controllable via a mouse or joystick, with up to 128 preset positions available for patrolling set-ups. Moreover, the SD8121 generates excellent image quality even in challenging lighting conditions, thanks to its Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology. When a camera attempts to capture footage in a high-contrast, backlight, glare or light-reflective environment, subjects may be unrecognizable. WDR compensates for the unbalanced lighting, restoring the details throughout the field of view. Furthermore, the implementation of an auto-iris lens allows the SD8121 to adapt to changing levels of light without intervention from an operator. VIVOTEK SD7323 is another high-performance speed dome network camera with a 35x zoom lens. In addition to going beyond the SD8121’s ability to obtain crisply detailed images from afar, the SD7323 features ground-breaking technology such as electronic image stabilization to mitigate the effect of vibration and other camera movement, and a 3D privacy mask that allows the Library to prevent designated areas in the field of view from being filmed, even when the remote PTZ functionality is used to pan, tilt or zoom the camera. Customer Feedback After deployment of the Library‘s new surveillance was completed in June 2011 came the real test: how would it perform in actual use? Fortunately, the system has not only met the Library‘s requirements, but surpassed expectations, bringing benefits like greater convenience to the staff, ability to monitor more of the Library‘s indoor environment than ever before, and excellent image quality far surpassing what Library had anticipated. According to VIVOTEK‘s valued partners, Reconnoitre Systems and AUTOCOP, the installation has helped the Library resolve security issues, calling VIVOTEK hardware and software "a great investment". The Curator of the State Central Library Goa is the Head of State Central Library and it is under the administrative control of Government of Goa, Directorate of Education.