Compare FD7160 with FD8372  (2)

Chip Inch Size
Colour Type
Colour / Monochrome
Colour / Monochrome
Resolution TVL
1600 x 1200
2560x1920 pixels
Sensitivity lux
0.6 @ F2.0
Dome Type
Fixed Focus
24 V AC
H.264, MJPEG, MPEG-4
Back Light Compensation
Auto Gain Control
White Balance
Electronic Shutter range
1/5 ~ 1/40,000
1/5 sec. to 1/32,000 sec.
Focal length
3.6 ~ 9
S/ N (Signal/ Noise) Ratio dB
> 61

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Latest IP Dome camera case studies

VIVOTEK’s IP solution installed at Iran Zamin Bank in Tehran
VIVOTEK’s IP solution installed at Iran Zamin Bank in Tehran

VIVOTEK cameras with superior image quality and performance ensure safety and security in Zamin Bank The Iran Zamin Bank in Iran’s capital city, Tehran, is a non-government owned bank that was established in 2011. The bank takes pride in providing its customers with first-rate services and ensuring a safe and comfortable banking environment. The security system, equipped with some of VIVOTEK’s finest cameras, is just one testament to how much the bank values its clientele. Having entered the financial industry in the last decade, Iran Zamin Bank has the major advantage of keeping abreast of technological advancements, and is thus able to present new and distinguished services to its clients. Iran Zamin Bank, along with other Iran banks, plays a significant role in leading the nation’s economy forward. From analogue to IP Due to the high degree of sensitivity a bank surveillance system demands, Iran Zamin Bank decided early on to replace several of their analogue cameras with IP options. The low image quality of analogue presents potential security issues, especially when finely detailed analyses of video images are required, which may be the case in a bank branch setting. Additionally, the standardisation solutions of analogue cameras are deficient. The alternative, IP cameras, is not only much easier to operate, but also boasts solution credibility that far exceeds analogue. Considering these factors, the manager of Iran Zamin Bank decided to exchange the analogue cameras with the several digital IP cameras. The move was quite well received, as technological improvements via VIVOTEK eventually spread to every branch. Enhanced security inside and outside Having already decided on an IP-based solution to bolster infrastructure, the next order of business was to weigh out the options. The manager of Iran Zamin Bank, in preparation for the security and surveillance system migration in all Iran Zamin Bank branches, began scouting for hardware and consulted with Prooya Fara Negar (PFN) Technology, VIVOTEK’s local distributor. With superior quality and a competitive price, VIVOTEK cameras proved to be their first choice. Once the decision was made, the PNR-C032R NVR model was promptly installed in all branches, providing much needed recording storage. The professional storage device has a 12 terabyte HDD storage capacity and comes with VIVOTEK ST7501 software. As instalments of the PNR-C032R model were under way branch wide, plans to put in various other VIVOTEK models were also in the making. VIVOTEK cameras with superiorimage quality and performanceare undoubtedly the idealchoices, fully cementingthe safety and security inZamin Bank The FD8135H was another model employed in all four branches, specifically for monitoring indoor areas. With one-megapixel resolution, night visibility and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology, the device can capture clear footage even when both bright and dark areas are present in the same field of view. Another addition to each branch was the FD8162. It has the capacity to capture sharp details of people coming and going through the bank’s main entrances. This 2-megapixel powerful camera also performs particularly well indoors; equipped with the WDR Enhancement technology feature, this camera ensures security through clarity, and a PNR-C064R NVR was installed for more storage. This model comes with 36 terabytes of HDD storage, plenty of space to record and store all that goes on in the bank. Moving to the exterior of the bank, the FD8372 camera, with 5-Megapixel or Full HD resolution at a superb video streaming up to 30 fps, was used for outdoor areas of the branches. When it came to the central building of the bank and its branches, still other VIVOTEK cameras were selected, including the FD8335H. Twenty units of this camera were installed to monitor parking lots and different floors within the branches. The IP8335H with the IP67-rated weatherproof housing, one-Megapixel resolution, and night visibility was therefore strategically positioned outdoors. Reliable surveillance strengthens the protection William Ku, Vice President of VIVOTEK’s International Business Division, stated: “It’s great that we participated in the surveillance upgrade project of Iran Zamin Bank. As we know, the reliable security infrastructure in bank is important since it can not only act as the deterrent, but also provide the post-event footage as undisputable evidence. VIVOTEK cameras with superior image quality and performance are undoubtedly the ideal choices, fully cementing the safety and security in Zamin Bank.”

VIVOTEK’s bullet CCTV cameras are an integral part of VIP Casino’s security set-up
VIVOTEK’s bullet CCTV cameras are an integral part of VIP Casino’s security set-up

The IP7361 is a network bullet camera tailor-made for outdoor environments with an auto-iris lens and IR cut filterVIP Casino is a popular chain of premium casinos in Germany. Systems integrator MB-PC developed a solution customised to VIP Casino's surveillance needs at two of its locations in Germany, Oehringen and Bad Friedrichshall in Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany.A challenging environmentIt goes without saying that an effective surveillance infrastructure is essential for gambling establishments, where the risk of disputes and even criminal activity is high. MB-PC Account Manager Marco Brueck adds: "The casino needed cameras that could give them video and images clear and detailed enough to easily identify individuals they might be interested in." At the VIP Casino in Oehringen, MB-PC's solution combined VIVOTEK's 5  IP7361s and 34 FD7160s. At this site, the casino wished to implement a surveillance system inside the casino as well as in the parking area and entrance area to the adjoining shopping area that many customers visited before or after time spent in the casino. For the outdoor areas-parking and shopping centre entrance, MB-PC recommended the IP7361, a high-end network bullet camera tailor-made for outdoor environments with an auto-iris lens and IR cut filter to ensure superior video quality whatever the lighting conditions night and day. Inside the casino, MB-PC urged the casino to use VIVOTEK's FD7160. Like the IP7361, the FD7160 produces high-resolution 2-megapixel video, essential for a usage scenario like the casinos.Seamless interoperabilityRecordings of the surveillance video were archived using the go1984 Enterprise package from German software vendor Logiware. Brueck explains: "go1984 is popular worldwide, but especially here in Germany. VIVOTEK hardware works especially well with go1984, which was another reason we advised the casino to use the IP7361 and FD7160." Yet another point in the VIVOTEK cameras' favour was their PoE support, according to Brueck: "We just plugged the cameras into PoE switches, providing electrical power and the LAN connection the casino's security team needed to manage everything. That made for a really clean, clutter-free setup."At a second facility in Bad Friedrichshall, MB-PC helped the casino set up another VIVOTEK camera-based surveillance system, this time consisting of 4 IP7361 cameras outside and 49 FD7130 cameras inside. The system was largely similar to the one in Oehringen, with one major twist: one of the IP7361 cameras had to be installed on a completely separate building, a dilemma that MB-PC resolved by using a wireless LAN bridge. The camera has performed flawlessly, enabling the casino to seamlessly manage it along with the other VIVOTEK cameras on their network, demonstrating its suitability as part of a wireless LAN-based surveillance installation.The VIVOTEK-based surveillance has been so effective, and cost-effective, that VIP Casino is set to implement similar systems at an additional three to five casinos later this year.

VIVOTEK fisheye network cameras help Bialystok update municipal traffic monitoring system
VIVOTEK fisheye network cameras help Bialystok update municipal traffic monitoring system

Bialystok, a beautiful historic city of 300,000 in the northeast of Poland, is one of the nation’s major population centres. Devastated in World War II and languishing for a long period afterward, the city has seen a renaissance in recent years, with restoration of its beautiful architecture and modernisation of infrastructure as the Polish economy has boomed. One particular change that has come upon this serene city with unexpected rapidity is the increase in car ownership, which has more than tripled in Poland since 2005. Over the last decade, the growing need for an up-to-date, comprehensive traffic monitoring system has become increasingly apparent. Surveillance enhancement for traffic surges The growing need for an up-to-date, comprehensive traffic monitoring system has become increasingly apparent Cameras were the most costly item within the traditional traffic surveillance system originally deployed in Bialystok. To capture as many angles as possible, large numbers of cameras were required, often several at each intersection. As well as being an eyesore, this also meant that the cost of linking and synchronising the array of cameras to the central surveillance system was exorbitant. To avoid impacting traffic, which is heavy during the daylight hours, installation and construction work was usually carried out at night. The restricted hours for installation caused long delays in camera setups. Worse, the system itself no longer met the needs of the rapidly developing city. Despite the large numbers of cameras, the field of view of individual cameras was too narrow and when accidents happened it was difficult to try to piece together footage from several cameras in an attempt to reconstruct the incident. Often, there was no way to determine from the footage just who was at fault. A better solution was needed. Seamless collaboration to seamless implementation Zarzad Dróg Miejskich (ZDM), the municipal unit responsible for the road system in Bialystok needed to revamp, simplify, and upgrade their inefficient traffic camera system, so they worked with systems software manager Siemens and engaged VIVOTEK’s local distributor Suma Solutions to come up with an answer that would meet their needs. Siemens developed the system software around technology provided by VIVOTEK, a provider of IP surveillance solutions, offers dedicated traffic surveillance and management solutions, and has recently released its remarkable FE8174V H.264 5-megapixel fisheye network camera.The hemispherical images captured on camera can be automatically retooled to conventional projection specifications for easy viewing  The FE8174V is VIVOTEK’s fisheye network camera. This vandal-proof, WDR-enhanced, day/night camera features a detailed 5-megapixel resolution sensor with superior image quality. Its fisheye lens captures a 180° panoramic view when wall-mounted, and a stunning 360° surround view with no blind spots when mounted overhead. With its choice of display layouts—surround view, panoramic view, and regional view—it is the perfect solution for those who need coverage of wide, open areas as well as a high degree of flexibility. With the advanced image processing capabilities, the hemispherical images captured on camera can be automatically retooled to conventional projection specifications for easy viewing. As the camera’s primary application is outdoors and demands reliability in all conditions, a weather-proof IP66-rated and vandal-proof IK10-rated housing keeps the camera body clear of rain and dust and maintains functionality in all types of weather. The VIVOTEK FE8174V features a removable IR-cut filter, which is unquestionably the best choice for those who need a hardy, all-weather, 24/7 system with a full range of coverage. Enhanced resolution means better traffic safety ZDM installed 130 VIVOTEK FE8174V cameras at intersections throughout Bialystok. Now, with far fewer cameras, traffic controllers can get a clear, sharp overview of the whole field without any blind spots. VIVOTEK’s fisheye camera dewarping capabilities allow monitors to adopt different presentation modes A single VIVOTEK FE8174V provides the coverage of four outdoor bullet cameras in one image, and has resulted in cost savings at the same time as providing more complete coverage. Fewer cameras has also meant a decrease in costs associated with the backend management platform, network communications equipment, and storage equipment; it has also protected the aesthetic properties of the city by decluttering the skyline. Further, VIVOTEK’s fisheye camera dewarping capabilities allow monitors to adopt different presentation modes. Now, Management Center operators can easily monitor and verify traffic incidents and use the image recognition software to increase traffic control efficiency. The city of Bialystok has finally achieved a traffic management and surveillance system that can keep pace with its rapid growth while remaining in harmony with the local culture and architecture.