7 Oct 2021

Editor Introduction

A new generation of security professional is waiting in the wings. They will be faced with unprecedented challenges, as they seek to transform the security marketplace to the ‘next level’. Technology changes ensure the market will be very different 10 years from now and the fresh labour pool will need to be able to meet the host of new challenges.

We asked our Expert Panel Roundtable: What exciting career opportunities in the security industry await the next generation?

Future career opportunities lie in current trends, as this is a good indication of where new the technology is going. The next generation will be involved in technologies like cloud, video analytics and AI (Artificial Intelligence), as these three trends are playing a larger role in security industry. For example, video analytics will provide more developer and data scientist roles, and we’ll see more and more integrators in demand, who are knowledgeable about cloud and other new technologies. As technology advances, integrators will be challenged to obtain higher and higher levels of education, as technology is accelerating faster than companies can train new technicians. For ONVIF, our role is to make this challenge as easy as possible, by offering interoperability. With ONVIF as a minimum requirement, that should be enough to get the basic functionality in the system working.

Over the last few years, the physical industry has moved from simply solving traditional security problems to becoming a cornerstone of an organisation’s overall strategy, from operations and business intelligence to cyber security. And, as security systems continue to evolve into comprehensive data collection ecosystems, they will become more interconnected with other business and operations processes. Hence, the new generation of physical security leaders will need to be well versed in every aspect of their customers’ business. Whether they are designing hardware and software, or selling and installing systems, they will need to be savvy business people and knowledgeable technologists, in addition to their traditional security responsibilities. As the physical security industry continues to evolve, it will require a diverse workforce, which is populated by multi-faceted individuals with varied backgrounds, who can demonstrate the strategic acumen, technical knowledge, financial intelligence, and analytical skills that are required to lead our industry into the future.

Morgan Price Allied Universal

Few industries offer the kind of varied career opportunities that you can find within the expanding world of security. The need to protect people, goods and facilities will always exist. As the methods used by those who seek to cause harm become more sophisticated, so must the ways we protect against those efforts. From a skilled security professional making his/her rounds, to the use of complex data analysis and AI technology to predict what might happen, before it actually does, the security industry will need every skillset to provide customers peace of mind. Future opportunities will include engineers, coders, solutions architects and experts in risk assessment and prevention. We will need thought leaders and people leaders. There will continue to be substantial opportunity in finance, sales, marketing, human resources, information technology and operations. If you have the talent, passion and desire to make our world safer, security has a spot for you.

The security industry already has so much to offer the next generation of professionals! While the security guards in bomber-jackets cliché was never really true anyway, there are now huge opportunities for highly trained technical professionals, including software and hardware engineers, app developers and network specialists. The security industry is also a perfect place for eager young workers, who are looking for apprenticeships. Because we need employees who understand the business challenges and needs, just as much as the technical or theoretical/academic side, it’s the perfect opportunity for both sides to get the talent required and build a solid career path. We also offer apprenticeships to graduates, as well as school graduates, giving them a rounded introduction to the world of work. There are opportunities for virtually any skillset that the next generation may wish to use. Equally, security is prevalent across most sectors, including hospitality/entertainment, travel, retail, engineering, construction and utilities, etc.

Editor Summary

A multitude of varied opportunities await anyone, who is seeking a career in security. The current crop of enduring security professionals (including our Expert Panelists) can attest to the breadth of possibilities and a changing technology mix ensures future security professionals will face even richer prospects. Now is a great time for the next generation to become part of the security industry.