Photo video specifications

In order to process your photo video we will require the following:

Image specifications:

No. of images required: 30-second video: 8 - 10 / 60-second video: 12 -17 / 90-second video: 20-25
Format: Any format is acceptable
Resolution: Minimum size - 2280 x 1300 pixels. NB. Please provide the highest resolution to ensure that the video does not become pixelated when viewed in full screen.
Submission of images: You can email them to us, send in a zip file, or send via Hightail. We can also supply you with a login to a Google FTP account where you will be able to upload your images.

Having trouble finding enough images to send us? Feel free to browse for images on and send us the links and we will purchase them [at no additional cost to you]. 

Script specifications:

Word count: 30-second video: 60-80 / 60-second video: 100-130  / 90-second video: 200-300
To view example please download specification PDF.

Title of video
Please provide a short title for the video. This will be place on the first image shown at the start of the video.

Call to action slide
This will appear towards the end of the video. You will need to provide the contact details that you would like to be placed on this slide.

To get a better understanding of how we put these together, take a look at the sample storyboard below. We've also included a blank storyboard which you can download and use. storyboard template storyboard sample

Up to 2 amendments can be made on a video. However, please note that once the script has been approved and recorded, it cannot be re-recorded, as this will incur a re-charge of the entire cost of the video.