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The guidelines below are suggested guidelines for advertisers to provide material that is already formatted in the "house style". reserves the right to moderate and change copy if required.

Please note: maximum acceptable length is number of characters not letters.  Spaces count as characters.  You will be sent a notification when your content is live, so you will be able to review and advise of any changes if required.

Information / file requirements:

Text (copy): Maximum of 1,000 characters highlighting your company (background, markets, customer base, awards - copy to stimulate someone clicking on your logo and the link).  For the Company In Profile, we recommend you do not use bullet points.
Company details / content: Please check your other content on is up to date and looking good, especially:
Are your company contact details correct?  Do you require an enhanced company listing?  Any other content on the website that you have (i.e. products, market profiles, news articles, case studies, company sponsored events, banners)?
Company logo: Please also send us your company logo in highest possible resolution, if you haven't done so before.  Type: static .jpg or .gif. Company in Profile - Technical Specifications