IndigoVision previews ONVIF video management software

Product Profile

IndigoVision Doubles Resilient NVR Storage with 2TB Disks IndigoVision, leading manufacturer of complete IP Video security solutions, introduces 2TB disks to its NVR-AS 3000 range of 'Plug & Go' Linux Network Video Recorders. This doubles storage capacity without increasing physical footprint, power consumption or associated environmental control equipment. With up to 6TB of usable RAID 5 storage in a single unit, the NVR-AS 3000 is a compelling alternative to Windows-based storage. 

Resilience, reliability and low-maintenance are the key to the NVR-AS 3000's "Plug & Go" capability. They support fully redundant power supplies and fully redundant Gigabit Ethernet connections as well as options for RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 5. Linux means no upgrades/patches as required with Windows storage and its built-in firewall make it secure. Extremely low power consumption and heat dissipation enable units to be rack- or desk-mounted. IndigoVision's distributed architecture means that NVRs can be located at any point on the network, for example near clusters of cameras in order to reduce bandwidth across the network. 

Using "Control Center", IndigoVision's Video Management Software, advanced redundancy strategies can be easily implemented. Backup NVRs can continuously record the same video in parallel to primary NVRs (mirroring) or automatically takeover recording if a primary NVR fails. Backup NVRs can be located at a different physical location to primary NVRs, adding further resilience to physical disruption.

NVRs record full framerate video and audio from 64 cameras and playback 20 streams simultaneously. Models are available with a range of storage capacities from either fixed disks or hot-swappable removable drives. All disks are rated for 24/7 recording and have a 3-year warranty. 

The high-performance of the NVR-AS 3000 products coupled with IndigoVision's class-leading compression technology means that each NVR can record both MPEG-4 and H.264 video from multiple cameras for long periods. For example, a single NVR-AS 3000 can record H.264 video from 32 IndigoVision cameras continuously at 4SIF, full framerate, based on moderate motion levels for over 31 days. To record for longer periods, simply spread cameras across more NVRs; for example, for 90 days use 10 cameras per NVR. NVRs record video from both IndigoVision IP cameras and third party ONVIF cameras. 

Due to the NVRs' ultra low power consumption running costs are much lower compared to Windows-based storage. They can be stacked densely in a 19 inch rack, which requires less AC cooling plant and reduces physical footprint.

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Technical Specification

Make IndigoVision
Manufacturer IndigoVision
Model code NVR-AS 3000
Channels 64 channels
Recording Mode Real Time / Timelapse / Event recording
Inbuilt Multiplexer Yes
Compression Type MPEG-4, H.264
Resolution 4SIF resolution
Recording System HDD
Type of Multiplexer Functions Recording, Playback
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 483 x 272 x 87
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 100 ~ 240 V
Power Consumption: 53 W
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