IndigoVision launches a low-cost IP-CCTV video wall

Product Profile

IndigoVision, the leading manufacturer of complete end-to-end IP security solutions, has released Video Wall software that allows professional fully-featured IP-CCTV control room video walls to be built to any size, at a fraction of the cost of other dedicated display products.

Based on ‘Control Center', the company's Security Management Software, video walls can be constructed with complete scalability using any PC monitor type (CRT, LCD and plasma), with standard or High Definition wide-screen format. The video wall is driven using slave ‘Control Center' workstations, each of which manages up to 4 monitors. Up to 98 slaves can be controlled over the IP network from an unlimited number of master ‘Control Center' workstations. Each monitor can display up to 25 video panes, allowing video walls with up to 9,800 panes to be constructed.

On large sites multiple video walls can be deployed in different control rooms, all accessing the same video from any camera or Network Video Recorder (NVR), no matter where they are located. This can only be achieved because IndigoVision's architecture is completely distributed.

Monitors within the video wall can be used to display a variety of information, including live or recorded video, guard tours, salvos, site maps and alarm status. In addition, information from third-party applications can be displayed, such as the status of access control or building management systems. The video wall is controlled using standard CCTV keyboards connected to any of the master workstations.

The video wall supports the ‘Control Center' black screen monitoring mode, where video is only displayed on alarm. This method of operation is recognised as providing a more efficient operator environment that leads to quicker incident response. Using IndigoVision's advanced alarm management features, content and layout of individual monitors in the video wall can be controlled dynamically from the status of alarms and events.

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Technical Specification

Make IndigoVision
Manufacturer IndigoVision Limited
Model code IP Video Wall - software
Additional info

IP Video Wall Features: Construct video walls using any PC monitors e.g. CRT, Plasma, LCD, HD TV. Unlimited 'master' PCs. Max slaves: 98. Max monitors per slave: 4. Max video panes per monitor: 25. Max Video Wall: 9800 video panes.

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