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IndigoVision’s analytics algorithms run both in real-time on live video and also on recorded video using ‘Control Center’, IndigoVision’s enterprise video and alarm management software.  Real time analytics are located at the edge of the network, i.e. at the camera, making the solution totally scalable.   CCTV operators can now detect events as they happen such as congestion, stolen objects, cars parked too long outside a building, people moving the wrong way through security checkpoints, etc.  Live demonstrations of the new advanced analytics suite will be available throughout the Security ESSEN show.

IndigoVision’s new analytics include:

  • Congestion Detection 
  • Motion Detection
  • Abandoned Object Detection
  • Counter Flow
  • Virtual Tripwire
  • Shape-Based Detection
  • Object Tracking and Theft Detection

All of these can be run in real-time at the camera or post-event on recorded video. 

Real time analytics run in the 8000 Transmitters connected to analogue cameras and in IndigoVision’s dedicated high-end IP domes.  This significantly reduces bandwidth requirements on the network and ensures the system is totally scalable.  Pre-determined events are identified as they happen, at any camera, and can drive the virtual matrix, e.g. display a salvo on a bank of monitors.  Real-time analytics lead to increased effectiveness and improvements in incident detection hit rates. 

Using ‘Control Center’ software, recorded footage stored on IndigoVision’s networked video recorders (NVRs) can be analysed using the same algorithms.  Post processing allows operators to run many different scenarios on recorded video, e.g. look for cars parked for a certain time.     

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Technical Specification

Make IndigoVision
Manufacturer IndigoVision Limited
Model code Analytics
Additional info

Monitoring and control software.  IndigoVision's  Analytics algorithms provide users with powerful tools to assist in the complex task of security monitoring and control and is the natural, progressive choice for any serious, efficient CCTV monitoring system.  These analytics are an integral part of IndigoVision's complete end-to-end IP Video solution.

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