IEC introduce AC compatibility for TRIMEC strikes

Product Profile

IEC have released the RM1 Rectifier Sounder Module to enable strikes previously limited by DC compatibility to be used with AC systems.  The IEC RM1 is available complete with all TRIMEC ES110/150 Series Power to Open Strikes on request, or as a separate stand alone product.  Suitable for use with both TRIMEC and any other manufacturers strikes, its key benefits include:
  • Compatibility with AC access control systems - for all strikes previously limited by DC compatibility
  • Reduced current consumption - compared with AC strikes
  • Switchable sounder - on /off function for both AC and DC - critically allows buzz function on DC or silent on AC
  • Continuously rated - for use all the time, unlike some AC products

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Technical Specification

Make Alpro
Manufacturer Alpro Architectural Hardware (a division of IEC Limited)
Model code RM1
Additional info Rectifier Module designed to give AC compatibility for TRIMEC strikes. Enables use of quality strike at greatly reduce current consumption over dedicated AC strikes. Input voltage range is 12 - 24v AC +/- 15%. Maximum current load is 1Amp (1000mA). The RM1 Rectifier is not designed to work in damp environments. This product will accept a DC input if you only wanted to use the sounder function.
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