IDCS launched INVISE: integrated video & security management

Product Profile

Configuration and management of integrated security systems often is complex and time consuming because of project size, number of security applications involved and the interaction between them.   Easy configuration and management tools have become vital.

The Belgian manufacturer IDCS, with 18 years of experience in Integrated Security Solutions and references in the most prestigious buildings in Europe, provides with its newest Management Software INVISE for its S2000 Integrated Security System a revolutionary change in easy configuration and management.

  • Seamless integration of Access Control, Intruder Detection, Digital Video, Visitor Control, Presence Control and Car Park Control
  • Object oriented design - doors, intruder points, technical points etc are considered as objects.  Through simple drag and drop functions and dialogue windows these objects are linked to reader types, video recordings, photo-id checks, alarm verifications, function commands, graphical maps
  • Seamless integration with IP-video and IP-biometric identification: direct links between any event and video data
  • Comprehensive  real-time graphical map management
  • Full drag and drop time zone management
  • Server redundancy
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Technical Specification

Manufacturer IDCS nv
Model code INVISE
Additional info INVISE manages a integrated security system that is often complex and time consuming as regards to project size, number of security applications involved and the interaction between them. Some important highlights of the system are integration of access control, intruder alarm, digital video, control and car park control; object oriented design; integration with IP-video and IP-biometric identification; real-time graphical map management and time zone management.
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