Honeywell WIN-PAK® SE with Galaxy Dimension and 'Performance' DVR Integration

Product Profile

WIN-PAK® SE Service Pack 2 with HRDP Performance Series and Galaxy Dimension integration offers a single interface that combines access control and video with intrusion. The software can control and manage employee or customer access to designated or restricted areas in many types of facilities and businesses. The integrated solution is ideal for areas such as small office buildings, employee and delivery doors, pharmacies, off-licences, day care facilities, warehouses, restaurants and hospitals.

"Our latest version of WIN-PAK SE now enables customers to integrate with HRDP Performance Series Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) and Galaxy Dimension intrusion panels as a cost-effective, entry-level security integration platform," said René von Franquemont, access control product marketing manager for Honeywell Systems Group EMEA. "It combines Honeywell's latest innovative security products into a powerful, comprehensive security solution for customers."

WIN-PAK SE allows users to manage three separate systems through a single, easy-to-use software interface, which not only saves time and money, but also improves the level of security by eliminating user code sharing. Other benefits of the integrated WIN-PAK SE with HRDP DVR and Galaxy Dimension system include:

  • Fast and easy setup - A step-by-step installation wizard makes setup quick and easy.

  • Retrieve recorded video quickly - The seamless integration with Honeywell HRDP DVRs facilitates easy identification, retrieval and playback of events and alarms.

  • Greater sales opportunities for installers - Because it provides a three-in-one solution, installers are able to offer end-users substantial enhancements to existing systems or significantly improve the operation of new security systems by reducing training and labour.

  • Incremental revenue advantages - The new WIN-PAK SE software provides installers with the opportunity to add digital video and/or intrusion functionality to existing access installations as customer needs change, creating additional revenue and increased customer retention.

"It takes a unique software interface to effectively harness the power of our intrusion panels," said Drew Aitken, product marketing manager for Honeywell Security and Communications EMEA. "WIN-PAK SE with HRDP and Galaxy Dimension integration delivers this power in a big way. By tying together Honeywell's premier products of access, intrusion and video, it offers a versatile solution that meets customer needs of today without sacrificing the needs of tomorrow."

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Technical Specification

Make Honeywell Security
Manufacturer Honeywell
Model code WIN-PAK SE/PE
Visitor Management Yes
Guard Tours Yes
Central / Remote Monitoring Yes
Web-enabled software Yes
Additional info

WIN-PAK®SE/PE with Galaxy integration.  Integrate access control, digital video and intrusion integration using Honeywell's Fusion Series DVRs, and Galaxy G3 and Galaxy XL series control panels.  Arm or disarm with a card read.  Record and playback access or intrusion events and alarms.  Multiple camera control, including PTZ.  Professional Access Control integration using NS2+, N-1000 and PRO2200 access control panels.  Manage cardholders through multiple locations.  Multilingual software. 

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