Control the issuance and ensure the authenticity of your photo ID cards

Product Profile

Print Security Suite helps protect your Fargo card identity system from fraud and misuse.

The five easy-to-use applications create a higher level of integrated security between your card printer/encoder, software and materials.

  • Printer Access: Helps prevent printer misuse and unauthorised issuance of ID cards.  Automatically disables an illegitimately accessed or stolen printer.  Effective against both internal and external threats.
  • Security Imaging: Helps deter counterfeiters and complicates ID fraud.  Fargo Secure Fluorescing Ribbon enables covert printing of customised graphics that only appear under ultraviolet light.  A covert number also provides insightful authentication data on when and where a confiscated card was printed.
  • Print Notification: Provides round-the-clock notification of unauthorised printing.  Can be scripted to trigger an alert by e-mail or text message to you and your staff.  Effective as both a fraud deterrent and as a management tool.
  • Print Diagnostics: Helps you quickly assess and fix printing issues.  Reduces downtime and provides a fast and easy way to gather and share printer diagnostic information with your Fargo SecureMark Integrator.
  • Materials e-ordering: Enables quick and convenient online re-ordering.  Eliminates downtime and the surprise of empty consumables by alerting you when levels are low.  Provides part numbers and a direct online link to your Fargo SecureMark Integrator.

Print Security Suite works with Fargo DTC550 and DTC400 Card Printer/Encoders, and is available from your Fargo SecureMark Integrator.   

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Technical Specification

Make HID
Manufacturer HID Global
Model code Fargo Print Security Suite
Photo ID Yes
Web-enabled software Yes
System Requirements Operating System: Windows 2000, XP
Web Browser: Internet Explorer
Additional info Issuance and identification system.  Print Security Suite gives you five easy-to-use applications that help make your ID card issuance process more efficient and trouble-free.  At the same time, Print Security Suite helps protect your Fargo card identity system from fraud and misuse.  Print Security Suite reduces card production downtime — a critical advantage during busy card issuance events such as student registration or a membership drive.  It monitors the level of consumable printer materials and, when something runs low, opens a secure link for re-ordering from a Fargo SecureMark Integrator.  Print Security Suite also makes troubleshooting faster and easier by sending printer diagnostic data online to your SecureMark Integrator.
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