HeiTel brings new hybrid DVR to the market

Product Profile

CamDisc HNVR processes IP cameras and provides a Megapixel solution for Central Monitoring Stations.

HeiTel is expanding its range of digital recorders with the new CamDisc HNVR - a hybrid network recorder and transmitter for the mixed operation of up to 10 analogue and IP cameras. The specifications of the CamDisc HNVR are similar to those of the reliable CamDisc SVR, however the new system offers considerably higher performance for processing large video data streams from IP cameras. CamDisc HNVR is of course fully compatible with all existing HeiTel receiver equipment. Which means that IP or megapixel cameras (from virtually any manufacturer) can now be connected to local or remote video monitoring stations and emergency and service monitoring stations fitted with HeiTel receiver equipment.

Ex-works the CamDisc HNVR is a network recorder and transmitter for IP cameras with standard and megapixel resolutions. If analogue camera signals need to be processed as well up to two ‘Hybrid Card 4' cards each with four connections can be added. With the ‘Hybrid Card 4', HeiTel is opting for a modular and therefore cost-optimised hardware design. Recordings are made onto an integrated removable hard disk. Key IP camera functions (including PTZ control functions) can be controlled over the network via the HeiTel standard system interface.

Thanks to physically and functionally decoupled network connections, megapixel cameras can now be integrated in existing networks without occupying too many resources or impacting on the network's intended operating function.

The CamDisc HNVR is flexible in terms of power supply: with a nominal input voltage of 12 V DC, a further input voltage range of 8 to 16 V DC is supported. This makes the CamDisc HNVR ideally suited for integration in battery-assisted emergency power supplies.

HTcompress®, HeiTel's own compression process, minimises network load, something which must always be considered when using megapixel IP cameras.

Another HeiTel process, HTconnect® allows the CamDisc HNVR and all HeiTel systems totally secure access to firewall-protected HeiTel video systems in private networks.

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Technical Specification

Make Heitel
Manufacturer HeiTel Digital Video GmbH
Model code CamDisc HNVR 10
Transmission type High-End transmission
Video Inputs 10 channels
Alarm Inputs 11 ~ 16 alarms
Built-in Modem Yes
Telemetry Control Yes
Network Properties Image Colour: Colour
Compression Type: M-JPEG, JPEG
Interface: LAN, USB 2.0, RS-232/485, RJ45
Control: PTZ
Digital Yes
Signal Mode CCIR/PAL and EIA/NTSC
Physical Specifications Weight g: 3,800
Dimensions mm: 221 x 88 x 270
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 100 ~ 240 V AC
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: 5 ~ 40
Protection: IP30
Additional info

Video and audio transmission, recording and playback at the same time; online evaluation via local and remote receiver station or offline via removable HDD. HTcompress video compression with adjustable compression factor per camera. Operating system: Embedded Linux or dedicated hardware. Available accessories include: Removable hard disks, ISDN Card, PSTN Card, dial-up adapters, PC Kit CamDisc USB,19.

Recording speed up to 25 fps. Recording media removable SATA drive (500 or 1000 GB) with adaptive track management (4 or 10 tracks). Trigger to initiate transmission / recording: Dry contact, built-in motion detection, serial command and timer based calendar. Recording modes Image sequence, up to 50,000 events per camera with pre- and post alarm, continuous recording, all modes in conjunction with built-in timer based calendar.

Transmission resolution up to 720 x 288 pixels. Recording resolution up to 720 x 288 pixels. Bi-directional audio transmission and recording. Audio compression: SPEEX Codec, 16Bit, 80-8000 Hz. Audio inputs: 1 x line in (0-2 Vpp, nominal 0.775 Vpp) or Mic in (electret or electrostatic microphone). Audio output: 1 x line out (0-2 Vpp, nominal 0.775 Vpp) and 1 speaker out (1 Watt/8 Ohm). Video transmission of live and recorded images: Up to real-time via IP (LAN/WLAN, Internet, DSL, GPRS, HSDPA, CDMA, UMTS, EDGE) and dial-up (PSTN/POTS, ISDN, GSM, HSCSD).

Alarm inputs: 4 or 10 alarm inputs (camera related), 1 general alarm input, 1 arm/disarm and 1 tamper input (all on screw terminals). Control outputs: 2 relays- system error and/or remote control purposes (changeover contact on screw/clamp scrimp). Desktop and wall mounting.

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