Recognition instead of just viewing: the 3-megapixel varifocal lenses from Fujinon

Product Profile

Demand for high-quality images has been rising along with the development of cameras featuring greater pixel counts.  The purpose of security cameras has changed from the simple recognition of the presence of objects, to accurate and detailed information acquisition.

Fujinon has been developing high-resolution lenses following this conceptual shift from ‘viewing' to ‘recognition', and has launched a series of three-megapixel vari-focal lenses to accommodate the megapixel cameras being introduced in the market.

Using aspherical lenses and low-dispersion glass with a high reflective index, Fujinon has achieved high optical performance through its unique precision work and assembly technologies.

Available models:

  • YV2.8x2.8SA-SA2: f=2.8-8mm, 1/3", CS-Mount, F1.2
  • YV4.3x2.8SA-SA2: f=2.8-2mm, 1/3", CS-Mount, F1.4
  • YV3.3x15SA-SA2: f=15-50mm, 1/3", CS-Mount, F1.5
  • New - YV2.7x2.2SA-SA2: f=2.2-6mm, 1/3", CS-Mount, F1.3

In addition to the existing lenses for 1/3" cameras, there are now two new models for 1/2" cameras available to complete Fujinon's series of megapixel vari-focal lenses, all supporting resolutions up to 3 megapixels:

  • New - DV3.4x3.8SA-1: f=3.8-13mm, 1/2", C-Mount, F1.4, manual iris
  • New - DV3.4x3.8SA-SA1: f=3.8-13mm, 1/2", C-Mount, F1.4, DC iris

Fujinon presented the first Megapixel Zoom Lens at Security Essen: with 32x high optical magnification and the highest level of image quality in the industry, the D32 x 10R4D is well-suited to play an important role in monitoring harbours or airports at long distances or for disaster preventing surveillance at dams or rivers.

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Technical Specification

Make Fujinon
Manufacturer FUJIFILM Optical Devices Europe GmbH
Model code DV3.4x3.8SA-SA1L
Zoom type Manual
Focal Length mm 3.8 ~ 13 mm focal length
Lens Mount C mount
F-Stop F1.4 ~ T360 F-stop
Direct Drive Yes
Angle (Field) of View o Wide: 97 x 71, Tele: 28 x 21
Minimum Object Distance m 0.3
Physical Specifications Weight g: 80
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 4 V DC
Power Consumption: 23mA
Varifocal Yes
Additional info

3-megapixel varifocal DC auto iris lens.  For use with 1/2" ~ 1/3" cameras.

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