360° panomorph lens from FUJIFILM: Fujinon DF360SR4A-SA2

Product Profile

FUJIFILM Corporation has introduced the Fujinon DF360SR4A-SA2 to join its line of wide angle lenses for use in security cameras. The new lens is a day/night type lens compatible with 5 megapixel high-resolution 1/2.5” cameras. It has a 182-degree field of view to eliminate dead blind spots and capture the peripheral edges of the area being monitored at premium picture quality.

DF360SR4A-SA2 uses the panomorph technology of ImmerVision, the market leader in 360-degree panoramic imaging, as well as the high-precision aspherical lens element, built with Fujifilm's cutting-edge optical simulation technology. The combination improves the image resolution through to the corners of the frame, which are generally more prone to degradation than the frame's centre. This enables high-definition image capture across all corners for easy recognition of any persons. Furthermore, since DF360SR4A-SA2 is a day / night lens, it provides clear, sharp images even in low light at night or at dusk to become a powerful tool for round-the-clock surveillance.

About panomorph technology: a technology that uses an ellipse image footprint rather than a circle footprint for increased sensor coverage and amplified resolution along the edges; 'Image footprint' refers to the area where the light that has passed through the lens forms an image.

About ImmerVision: a company that licenses optical and software technologies concerning 360-degree panoramic imaging to lens manufacturers and software developers around the world.

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Technical Specification

Make Fujinon
Manufacturer FUJIFILM Optical Devices Europe GmbH
Model code DF360SR4A-SA2
Lens Type Fixed
Focal Length mm 1.3 mm focal length
Iris Type Direct drive
Lens Mount CS mount
IR Corrected (Aspherical) Yes
F-Stop F2.0 ~ close F-stop
Direct Drive Yes
Additional info DF360SR4A-SA2 is a 1/2.5" day/night 360° panomorph lens with 5 megapixel resolution.
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