FireVu Annunciator alarm handling module

Product Profile

The intelligent solution

FireVu from DM Network Video offers a video flame and smoke detection solution. Internal software comprising sophisticated analytic algorithms within the product itself analyse video images then detect the presence of smoke and flame at source unaffected by airflow or the effects of stratification. Even in areas where conventional fire detection could work, FireVu is able to cover larger areas with a single camera or ‘detector’ through its active analysis of the entire field of view.

Early detection

FireVu offers an early warning reaction to a fire incident at its inception stage not needing to wait for the smoke to reach the ‘detectors’ vicinity, thus offering the best opportunity to protect commercial property in the shortest possible time.

Visual verification

Early detection combined with detailed knowledge of the threat in hand means controlled, measured and appropriate action can be taken as safely as possible, not to mention the benefit of being able to stand down any false alarms before resources are unnecessarily committed.

Full integration

Relay outputs and alarm inputs enable full integration with existing building management and fire panel systems enabling the activation of these systems as well as controlled use or activation of on-site suppression systems such as sprinklers.

Local or remote

The ability to view images from, and configure a FireVu product over IP mean that not only is there a means of early fire detection but, equally as important, a means of both verifying and assessing a fire either from a terminal on a local network or remotely at either a guard house or monitoring station (RVRC).

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Technical Specification

Make FireVu
Manufacturer AD Group
Model code Annunciator
Additional info AD Network Video’s FireVu Annunciator provides all the alarm handling for up to 240 individual cameras at one point of interaction from which events and alarms can be reviewed.
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