National Security Summit Middle East 2015

  • Type: International security
  • 31 Mar - 2 Apr 2015
  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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Event Overview:

National Security Summit Middle East 2015 - Protecting our homeland, population and assets

National Security Summit is a premier International conference aimed at strengthening assets and increasing population safety in the Middle East. With recent threats like ISIS emerging in the Middle East, increased trafficking attempts and growing organised crime countries are now looking for new ways to protect borders, assets and their residents. 

The summit will bring together international experts and regional organizations that are responsible for preventing and containing these threats,with the following contemporary challenges taking the forefront:     

  • Enhancing the region’s situational awareness against external threats    
  • Containing and destroying external threats by learning from past experiences and global case studies    
  • Implementing measures to help eradicate human trafficking and drug smuggling from the Middle East    
  • Enforcing anti-crime surveillance, intelligence and information sharing in the Middle East    
  • Identifying which latest technologies allow the public sector to be aware against physical and non-physical threats 

Developing a thorough understanding of radicalisation threats, assessing the reach of prevalent militancy groups in the regions and discussing the best routes to break down the appeal of joining nefarious organisations, especially from those at most risk of turning to them

Visitor Demographics:

  • Visitor Origin:
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Visitor demographic:
    • Security Professionals

Event organiser:

  • Organiser:
  • IQPC
  • Address:
  • 8th Floor, Commercial Tower 1,, Dubai Studio City,, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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