Maritime Surveillance Aircraft 2014

  • Type: Conferences / seminars
  • 3 - 4 Nov, 2014
  • Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Sultan Hotel, Jakarta Jl. Gatot Subroto, Jakarta, 10002, Indonesia
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Event Overview:

Maritime Surveillance Aircraft 2014 - The international conference & exhibition

Maritime Surveillance Aircraft 2014 focusses on the Asia Pacific region, with a particular highlight on the host country, Indonesia. Maritime surveillance of Indonesia’s huge archipelago is divided between the TNI-AU (Air Force) and TNI-AL (Navy) and both services require more Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA). MPA aircraft represent the immediate planned capability required to fulfil the Indonesian Government’s Maritime Essential Force concept. Up to a total of 16 may be acquired over the next decade, although this remains a matter of speculation and is awaiting verification.

MSA 2014 is set to attract a senior & influential MSA operator audience from across the Asia-Pacific to an informative arena to discuss the challenges and solutions available to meet modern maritime surveillance needs.

Visitor Demographics:

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  • Indonesia
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    • Security professionals
    • Security distributors

Event organiser:

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  • Tangent Link Ltd
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  • Dorney House, 46-48a High Street, Burnham, Buckinghamshire
  • +44 (0) 162 866 0400