9th SCADA World Summit 2018

  • Type: International security
  • 3 - 6 Sep, 2018
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • Singapore, Singapore
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  • www.equip-global.com

Event Overview:

9th SCADA World Summit 2018 - Learn from the best SCADA system experts

Global SCADA Industry Leaders Gather in Singapore at the World’s Premier SCADA Systems Design, Engineering, Maintenance & Security Management Summit! Track recent & upcoming projects, ongoing SCADA design, engineering & maintenance updates and hear practical information and experiences of actual case studies from industry end users globally. Hear from 16+ renowned experts who have worked on SCADA projects globally share practical tips and insights into cyber security management for both ransomware and malicious attacks, next-generation SCADA architecture, Internet of Things Applications for SCADA, SCADA system trouble shooting and maintenance, real-time data management & analysis, award-winning SCADA innovation, SCADA System design strategies and approaches, ensuring SCADA system operational efficiency.

Don’t miss the chance to pose questions and engage in in-depth discussions on topics including SCADA system integration, upgrades, implementation, design approaches, troubleshooting & maintenance, advanced architecture, cyber security management, energy management systems and mobile technologies amongst others!

Get ready to MEET delegates representing companies from:

  • Energy
  • Power & Utilities
  • Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Companies
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing

 Complete the learning experience with 6 Exclusive Workshops in this 4-Day Summit programme.

Visitor Demographics:

  • Visitor Origin:
  • Singapore
  • Visitor demographic:
    • Industrial Control Systems
    • Information Systems
    • Information Technology
    • Transmission
    • Distribution
    • Electrical/Systems Engineering
    • System Planning
    • Maintenance

Event organiser:

  • Organiser:
  • EquipGlobal
  • Address:
  • 111 North Bridge Road, Peninsula Plaza #16-02, Singapore, Singapore

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