Ernitec EasyView™ Network Video – IP Cameras and NVR Solutions

Product Profile

With the introduction of a complete range of IP cameras, video encoders, NVR Servers, NVR-client, and switches Ernitec is now entering the IP-arena.  The concept is build around Ernitec's EasyView™ software, which Ernitec has developed for control of their DVR-range and now also their IP products.  The NVR servers are delivered with all software preinstalled, making them easy to install.

The new IP camera range from Ernitec comprises day/night as well as colour cameras with or without PoE for simple and easy installation.  Outdoor, vandal proof, fixed, varifocal domes and speed domes are also in the program.

The NVR servers are available in two models, a very compact model for up to 8 cameras respectively 16 cameras and a larger model with the possibility of recording up to 32 cameras.  If a large number of cameras are required, more NVR servers may be controlled from the same EasyView™ IP client.  The concept is ideal for video surveillance of large shops, chain shops of any kind, schools, banks, post offices, hotels, gas stations etc.  Through cooperation with a well-established PC supplier, Ernitec offers an attractive on-site NVR support concept.

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Technical Specification

Make Ernitec
Manufacturer Ernitec A/S
Model code EasyView
Accessories Video Integration Platform
Additional info

EasyView™ is an advanced Graphical User Interface that provides not only control over a selected range of the Ernitec IP based products such as the EDNS DVR series and the VB8000 IP Video Transmission system, but also integration between these products. The video signals from the attached devices are viewed in a video window. The video window can be set to show either a single camera or a 4, 9 or 16-split. The alarm handling includes selection of up to 9 cameras which can come from any source, i.e. they need not come from the same equipment that raised the alarm. PTZ presets as well as output relays can also be activated automatically upon an alarm. EasyView™ is designed to be easy to configure. Most of the configuration can be done by wizards which guides the installer through the configuration. EasyView™ comes pre-installed on a PC. The PC is by default provided with a 19" TFT monitor.

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