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Artificial intelligence is on the verge of changing the face of multiple industries – from healthcare to entertainment to finance, from data security to manufacturing to the cars we drive (or that will drive themselves!) In the physical security market, AI has garnered a lot of attention as a buzzword and as a ha...

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ReconaSense uses AI for adaptive physical security
Has price erosion ended (or slowed down) in security?
How to reinforce your cybersecurity strategy

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Product showcase

Hikvision Smart Thermal Bullet cameras

Even more sensitive, with new sensors

Climax Z3 Smart Camera Home Security System

Smart Secure Living Made Simple

Ajax Hub 2 security control panel

Manages all Ajax devices in the system

Dahua Technology IP Villa Outdoor Station

ICR Night Vision & Voice Indication

Aperio®: 10 years of wireless access control

Flexible, future-proof wireless security

VIVOTEK Standalone Edge-Computing LPR Camera

Identify license plates over 70 countries

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GSX 2019 Review: Emphasising integration, focusing on customer outcomes

Many exhibitors at GSX 2019 saw the show as a success, despite slower booth traffic on the second an...

Event in profile

Convergence India 2020

Convergence India Expo brings together the latest technology innovations and trends from the telecom & mobile industry, information technology & security, broadcast & digital media, as well as emerging technologies & enterprise solutions under one roof &...

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