Focus on the basics: The new Zelaris Elements freeware solution

Product Profile

The new Zelaris Elements freeware is a free, fully functional software solution for the management of IP-based video surveillance systems made up of eneo products and it does not have any restrictions such as a forced restart every thirty minutes or other annoyances that bully users into having to decide to buy another license. Of course there are differences to the purchasable versions, but whoever places value on ‘elementary' functions will be happy with Zelaris Elements. What does Elements actually offer in practice?

Zelaris Element

Display, recording and management of up to 16 eneo IP cameras from the well-known user-friendly Zelaris user interface are possible with Elements. Cameras are recognised automatically, so integration is problem-free with even only a small knowledge of networking. All connected cameras can then be managed centrally. The responsible security personnel are noticed automatically should a camera malfunction when, for instance, the cable has been cut. The recording time is seven days with video imagery from all sources being saved in 720x576pixels and 25 frames per second - i.e. in real-time. And of course it is also possible to record Full HD video signals. Effective compression and therefore lower bandwidth and memory requirements is provided by selecting MJPEG, MPEG4 or H.264 compression. Sequences up to five minutes long (e.g. for preservation of evidence) can be exported as AVI files. Manual control of dome cameras as well as the capability of programming tours for security personnel are additional functions.

Difference between the versions

And the differences to the Basic, Server, Client and Control versions? The most important difference is that Elements supports exclusively eneo IP cameras, and it also does not have an ONVIF interface. Further differences lie in the maximum number of connectable cameras as well as the different recording options (according to a schedule or only in an alarm situation), operation of multiple displays, site plan display and analysis functions. Can the other versions do considerably more than Elements? Of course, but this is also why they are not for free.

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Technical Specification

Make eneo
Manufacturer eneo
Model code Zelaris Elements
Software Type Management Software
Download PDF version Download PDF version

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