KBD-NSC-100 hybrid keyboard for analogue and IP devices

Product Profile

The eneo KBD-NSC-100 Network System Controller with a 3-Axis Joystick is able to control analogue (via RS485) as well as digital (via IP) devices. But these connection methods can also be mixed problem-free. This functionality is new and is currently unique in the market. One advantage is the ability to increase flexibility and scalability considerably because different components can now be supported such as matrixes (the new eneo MMX System for instance), digital video recorders and PTZ cameras. And its ergonomic and compact design is a welcome assistance in making everyday work more comfortable.

Easy installation - easy update

As the eneo KBD-NSC-100 automatically detects all devices in the network and also allows the user to add further devices manually, installation really is simple. Firmware can also be updated easily via the integrated USB 2.0 port.

Slim design

The eneo KBD-NSC-100 cuts a good figure anywhere. It is designed to be very small and therefore only takes up as much space as is absolutely necessary, without any reduction in its ergonomic advantages.

This turns even long operating times into a pleasure, which was also confirmed when it won the "Good Design Mark" in 2008. The keyboard is designed with black and silver buttons to create a modern, high-class look.

The joystick of the eneo KBD-NSC-100 Network System Controller can be positioned according to user preferences, which means it is equally suited for left- and right-handed operators. The special housing not only has a modern design, it is also resistant to scratches and fingerprints. Its smooth surface makes it easy to clean. The buttons are arranged very logically so that time is not wasted in searching for a specific function. The two-way audio function allows verbal interactivity with remote sites. And work is made even simpler by the system controller as it features macro functions which allow frequently used worksteps to be saved in an instruction sequence.

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Technical Specification

Make eneo
Manufacturer eneo
Model code KBD-NSC-100
with Joystick Yes
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 5 VDC
Power Consumption: 6 W
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: 0 ~ 50
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 95 x 377 x 177.6
Weight g: 1,100
Additional info Integrated web server: 10/100-Base-TX, RJ-45. Two-way audio communication. 3-axis proportional joystick for manual control of variable speed.
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