Paxton Access releases vandal resistant metal keypad
Paxton Access releases vandal resistant metal keypad

The vandal resistant metal keypad from Paxton Access has been designed to stand up to abuse and is perfect for exterior access points that are susceptible to vandalism.  The keypad's inherent strength is derived from its solid, cast metal construction - it won't be damaged easily!  The keypad benefits from large buttons with cut out numbers.  These are illuminated by a backlight that makes entering a code easy even in poor light.    Solid cast metal constructionLarge easy to use buttonsBacklight illuminationButtons with cut out numbersSecurity screws and tool suppliedAlthough designed for strength, the keypad's satin chrome finish gives it an understated appearance that's suitable for a wide variety of businesses.  Compatible with Switch2 and Net2, the keypad has an IPX7 rating making it suitable for external use.  The keypad is supplied with two metal mounting plates.  The first, an ‘actual' plate, allows the keypad to be secured flush to the surface, whilst the metal mounting box, allows the keypad to be wired to an existing cable.  The keypad is supplied with security screws and tool to prevent tampering.The keypad's robustness also makes it ideally suited to a number of ‘physical' environments where accidental ‘knocks' and ‘scrapes' are likely, from warehouses and factories to sports clubs and harbour environments.  The large buttons, which aid accurate keying, are also perfect for perimeter gates and barriers, or for environments where protective gloves maybe required, e.g. construction sites, chemical plants etc.ApplicationsAreas prone to vandalismFactories, warehouse, and delivery depotsConstruction sites and perimeter securitySports clubs, youth centres and social clubsAll outside environments

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