Guide Infrared MarinIR Series provides a crisp, clear thermal imagery in total darkness, light, fog or smoke
Guide Infrared MarinIR Series provides a crisp, clear thermal imagery in total darkness, light, fog or smoke

Guide Infrared products have been establishing their position and status in the Thermal Industry as a leading brand. One of the top 10 manufacturers and supplier of Thermal Imaging Technology since 1999, providing products to meet the ever changing and increasing demands without compromise in quality and with unmatched levels of service and support. At competitive pricing. Using European Sensor technology and manufacturing/assembling in Asia with supply direct from our Asian factory or from our Belgium warehouse. We are able to overcome delivery of full frame video speed 50Hz cameras globally and cost effectively. And all cameras are offered as standard with our two (2) year warranty. The new MarinIR series of cameras from Guide Infrared, they are based on Multi-Sensor systems combining a thermal imaging camera and a low light CCD camera. The MarinIR Series combination of using both a thermal imaging camera with a low light camera provides a crisp, clear thermal imagery in total darkness and light fog or smoke and visual identification subject to the right light conditions. Packaged in a small, ultra-compact gimbal enclosure, it has designed to meet the most demanding maritime applications and environments. The MarinIR Series is the perfect tool for night time navigation, shipboard security, man overboard situations and anti-piracy applications. MarinIR Series thermal imaging PTZ camera was also designed to be versatile in any video surveillance application such as Law Enforcement, Emergency Services, Search & Rescue, Fire, Marine, Border Patrol, etc. Anti-Piracy When an approaching target is presented on your radar screen this could be a threat, a real danger. The use of the MarinIR cameras with its Thermal imaging allows you to have visual image of the target which will give you the information needed to make a crucial decision before it is too late. Iceberg detection Icebergs can cause damage to a boat/ship even the cause of sinking. However with the use of the MarinIR it is possible to clearly see the iceberg with the use of the Thermal imager, which will aid in navigation to avoid collisions. Oil spill detection Oil spills are environmental hazards. The spills are floating on the surface of the water, which may have been the result of an accident but also when refuelling of loading/offloading fuel tankers. With spillage floating on the surface of the water, it because very clear for the thermal imager to see it. Man overboard In this most serious of incidents, it is imperative to try to locate the person or person who have fallen overboard or even had to abandon ship before hypothermia sets in. Using the Thermal image will aid in the search and rescue of people. Seeing at night The use of the thermal image will aid captains to be able to navigate safely and confidently at night entering and leaving ports and harbours.  Shipboard security On board ships and other vessels are many valuable items and many which are attractive to the individuals who may wish to steel them. Using the MarinIR will help to increase your on-board security

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