Delta's affordable, commercial crash-tested portable barrier protects against terrorists & errant drivers

Product Profile

The MP5000 was built for US Federal government security specialists wanting a system that could be rapidly deployed and operated as a regular security gate or barrier system.

Demonstrated in a full-scale crash test, the barrier stopped and disabled a 15,000lb G.V.W. (66.7kN) vehicle moving at 40mph (64kph). Following the certification test, the system was fully functional and sustained only minor distortion of the barrier ramp (approximately .75 inches).

Quick deployment for secure roadways

Once positioned, the Delta mobile barricade is separated from its transporter and lowered into position by means of a Battery-Operated Hydraulic Power System, which is then used to raise or lower the barrier for normal or emergency tasks.

The controls to run the barrier can be located on the barrier, at a fixed secure post, or from a hand-held push button controller. The guard need not go to the barrier to raise or lower it from its guard position.

15-minute installation

Within 15 minutes of being sited, the Delta mobile crash barrier lowers itself into position with built-in hydraulic jacks. There is no hand cranking. Wheels are restored at the sides and then the vehicle ramps are folded out, completing the deployment. To move the barrier, the procedures are simply reversed.

Both the operation of the barrier as well as deployment and retrieval are push-button controlled. A standard system includes a battery-operated power unit, replenished from either a solar array or multiple local low voltage sources. Optionally, a Delta Hydraulic Power Unit operated on a locally supplied power or full manual system, or combination, is available. Both the locally powered and battery powered hydraulic pumping unit can be sized to provide pass-through rates suitable for most inspection and identification station requirements.
The barricade operates at rates between 10–15 seconds for a full up-down cycle. Sustained rates of 40 cycles per hour can be maintained indefinitely, depending on the available recharging methods employed.

DSC1000 commercial barrier

The DSC1000 is the commercial extension of the MP5000. Many municipalities, event organisers and others that stage temporary events, ranging from farmers’ markets to concerts and sporting events, have requested a commercial barrier that can be towed into place and protect attendees from errant drivers. Using Delta’s Soft Stop technology, the DSC1000 stops such drivers from inflicting harm.

With no foundation or electrical hook-up needed, two people can set up and take down the DSC1000 barrier in minutes. The barricade’s self-contained power system provides all the power necessary to raise and lower the unit onto its trailer and open and close the barrier. This battery-powered system re-charges with a solar panel or external means. Controls can be locked or operated at the barricade or remotely.

In many cases, the tragedies that the DSC1000 will negate are accidents. Authorities want the vehicle stopped but they also want to avoid injury to the driver as much as possible. Therefore, contrary to the “hard stop” created with anti-terrorist crash-tested barricades, testing of the new DSC1000 demonstrates that the collision did not distort the passenger compartment of the vehicle. Instead, Soft Stop technology decelerates and stops the vehicle over a short distance, technically referred to as “occupant ride down” acceleration.

MP5000 battery-powered hydraulic barricade operator

Filling the gap between low-duty cycle manually-operated and high-duty cycle systems, the MP5000 incorporates a heavy-duty rechargeable internal battery, charger, solar panel and rechargeable, portable booster battery pack. It provides up to 200 cycles per day of powered operation, up to 40 cycles in a one-hour period on direct battery. On trickle charge, it handles 1,000 cycles a day; perfect for rapidly upgrading manually operated systems. Recharging options for most duty and operating rates are available.

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Technical Specification

Make Delta Scientific
Manufacturer Delta Scientific Corporation
Model code MP5000
Type of Barricade Portable
Certification level K4 / L1
Gross vehicle weight 15,000 lbs. (6,800 kg)
Crash speed 30 mph/48 kph
Crash rated Yes
Lift height (mm) 700
Operating speed 5 ~ 12 seconds
Operating supply 110-120V AC, 50 /60Hz
Maximum aperture 12 ft (3.65M) / 16 ft. (5.33M)
Additional info

Delta Scientific announces the successful full scale crash test and product release of the 20 Foot MP5000 portable vehicle barricade system. The MP5000 is designed as a towable, rapid deployment vehicle barricade. The 20 foot clear opening version was developed for locations that have large vehicle traffic.

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