Dedicated Micros TransVu - advanced surveillance for transportation

Product Profile

Transportation environments can often prove harsh for electronic equipment, with exposure to repetitive shocks and vibration proving too much for some electronic systems.  Specifically designed for public and commercial transport applications and encased in a ruggedised metal chassis, the TransVu unit can withstand this tough environment to provide uninterrupted in-vehicle security surveillance.

Through advances in technology the TransVu can now offer the customer MultiMode Recording.  Unique in the industry, MultiMode Recording increases the functionality and flexibility of the DVR.  Whilst superior JPEG images can be used to capture events at high record rates - ensuring the recorded footage can be used as evidence - continuous MPEG-4 motion video provides smooth background recordings.

Alongside traditional DVR features such as alarm, and audio recording, the TransVu unit incorporates features specifically developed for the transportation market.  Location tracking via GPS, a built-in accelerometer, intelligent power management, integration with vehicle system data (such as Tachometer), and a driver panic button all enhance the functionality of this mobile DVR.

TransVu Media brings a new dimension to vehicle security.  Utilising additional monitor outputs from the TransVu unit, advertising or route information can be shown to commuters.  Messaging can be fed through the monitors using pre-determined events to trigger location specific information or a range of images pre-loaded on the TransVu unit itself for a controlled stream of advertising.  For the customer this provides an additional benefit, as by utilising the unit as a source of revenue the security solution pays for itself.  New media can be automatically uploaded on a daily basis as required.


  • Comprehensive transport security features ensure that passengers, the driver, the vehicle and its cargo can be protected at all times
  • Integrated power management facility ensures the unit can remain recording for a definable period of time even after the ignition is switched off
  • Single quick release automotive connector ensures improved installation integrity in all environments
  • Low power consumption and voltage monitoring ensures the TransVu does not compromise vehicle battery life
  • g-force sensor combined with relevant video footage enables operators to refute false insurance claims
  • Low power usage and mobile capability allows TransVu to be used in rapid deployment scenarios
  • Provides additional data to aid in the analysis of vehicle systems and driver monitoring
  • Advertising offers a source of revenue generation for the transport operator, allowing the CCTV solution to pay for itself (when using TransVu Media)
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Technical Specification

Make Dedicated Micros
Manufacturer Dedicated Micros
Model code TransVu 16
Channels 16
Recording Mode Real Time / Timelapse / Event
Monitor Outputs 1
Inbuilt Multiplexer Yes
Alarm I/O 6 in
Multiplexer Type Triplex
Image per second (IPS) 50 (PAL) / 60 (NTSC)
Compression Type MPEG-4, MJPEG, JPEG
Resolution 4CIF
External Storage CD-RW, DVD-RW
Recording System HDD
Audio Recording and Properties 2 in
Type of Multiplexer Functions Playback, viewing, archiving
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 256 x 248 x 90
Weight kg: 4,750
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 10 ~ 30 V DC
Power Consumption: 15 W
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: -5 ~ +70
Additional info

Connection: Serial Ports - 4x 9 way (Male) D Type RS 232 ports; Ethernet - 10/100Base T connection; FTP and Telnet access.

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