Dedicated Micros unveiled multimode recording

Product Profile

Dedicated Micros outlined the benefits of its NetVu Connected Trans-Coding software technology, running on powerful new media processors at the very heart of the latest generation Digital Sprite 2 network capable DVR, and in particular its ability to achieve MultiMode Recording.  

Focusing on MultiMode

So what does MultiMode Recording mean in practice?  Essentially it is the capability to record at the resolution, quality, type of compression and frame rate demanded by the events to be captured.  Looking at ways to maximise the capability of the new DS2, Dedicated Micros recognised that there was a need to continuously record information quality background images - to provide useful motion and correlation of events - and high-resolution images at a good frame rate when something is actually happening in the image.

The approach taken to achieve this, utilising NetVu Connected Trans-Coding software is now implemented in the DS2, allowing dynamic switching from MPEG4 low resolution continuous background grade recording - a bit like “always on” pre-alarm - to high-resolution evidential quality JPEG images on alarm, while still streaming in either format from the same camera over the network for remote monitoring purposes

This has obvious advantages in the IP environment by providing the system administrator with complete control over bandwidth utilisation and in both IP and standalone solutions by levering the maximum recording performance from the new DS2, effectively allowing the user to record continuously on all cameras without doubling disk space.

To put this into context, since the introduction of the first commercially viable CCTV system, namely the video multiplexer invented by Dedicated Micros; compromises have had to be made on quality and record rate.  The first analogue recording systems were only capable of recording a maximum of 6pps across an entire system of 16 cameras.  With the advent of digital recording, new variables were introduced such as video compression and selectable resolution, which allowed the user to record more images.

With the creation of MultiMode recording it is now possible to reduce the number of compromises a user has to make and further utilise the full performance capacity of a 100pps product.  This contrasts with the pre-MultiMode situation where typically we would have expected users in ‘24hr mode’ to achieve an image update every 3 seconds.  A user-friendly set-up wizard has also been devised accessible through the NetVu Observer GUI (Graphic User Interface).

The New DS2 - A Versatile Platform

Looking in more detail at the wide-ranging capabilities of the new DS2, it has been designed to deliver enhanced picture quality and performance standards and is a versatile platform for smooth system integration and deep integration with other NetVu Connected IP products.  Deep integration brings benefits such as the seamless integration and auto configuration of Dedicated Micros IP enabled dome recording and mega pixel image recording capability, while still achieving the award winning combination of digital video recording, multi-user network viewing and control in one 'plug-and-play' box.

Other capabilities of the DS2 include: dial out on alarm, BS8418 compliance, MultiMode recording, zoned VMD, remote diagnostics and upgrade and a maximum overall recording rate of 100 pictures per second.

Said Pauline Norstrom, Worldwide Head of Marketing at Dedicated Micros: "We believe that the new generation DS2 provides a highly flexible platform on which our customers can build fully integrated IP CCTV solutions using the Dedicated Micros ground breaking suite of IP CCTV products.  The new DS2 takes the CCTV industry a quantum leap forward and new capabilities such as MultiMode Recording – an industry first - once again place Dedicated Micros at leading edge of IP security technology.”  

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Technical Specification

Make Dedicated Micros
Manufacturer Dedicated Micros
Model code DS2A 16DVD – 500GB
Series Digital Sprite 2 Series
Channels 16
Recording Mode Real Time / Timelapse / Event
Monitor Outputs 2
Inbuilt Multiplexer Yes
Alarm I/O 16 in
Multiplexer Type Duplex
Storage Capacity GB 500
Image per second (IPS) 25
Compression Type JPEG, MPEG-4
Resolution 720 x 512
Signal Mode PAL / NTSC
External Storage RAID
Recording System HDD
Colour Type Colour / Monochrome
Mount type 16 in, 2 out
Type of Multiplexer Functions Viewing, Playback
Network Type RS-232
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 89 x 440 x 445
Weight kg: 11.4 kg
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 100 ~ 240 V AC
Power Consumption: 180 W
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: 5 ~ 45
Operating Humidity %: 10 ~ 85
Additional info

Built-in internal DVD-R (DVD Writer). NetVu Connected. Alarm Notification via E-Mail and SMS. Immediate access to any time/date via instant GOTO capability. IP connectivity and remote monitoring functionality. Video motion search allows search back through recordings for movement in a specific area of the image. Web based configuration allows remote system adjustments negating the need for site visits. Text Support - capture, record and search text data with relevant CCTV footage. Real-time alarms can be triggered on suspect transactions using keywords. 

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