Dallmeier DIS-2/M series: audio and video recorders in modular construction

Product Profile

In order to offer highest availability, performance and user-friendliness, Dallmeier developed the blade technology, a worldwide unique approach in the CCTV/IP industry.

The Dallmeier blade technology (DIS-2/M modules) is based on the high-availability of storage directly at the encoder.  The recording is not network-dependent;f therefore it is not disturbed even during interference or complete network failure.  Thereby Dallmeier guarantees the highest availability of its comprehensive solution because there is no single-point-of-failure.

Highest failure safetyf

The DIS-2/M can be equipped with two hard disks for fully redundant recording.  Thus, recording continues even in the case of a hard disk failure.  The live-stream is not affected by the failure of a HDD.

To further reduce the risk of failure Dallmeier exclusively employs Linux that is deemed highly reliable among experts.  Furthermore, the operating system was separated from the hard disks and relocated on a Flash-ROM.

Also, continuous power is ensured due to a redundant power supply unit for the DIS-2 sub-rack.

Highest performance

Due to the single-channel approach the performance can be defined for each channel separately.  This means that multiple live and playback connections can always be effected with full performance.

Furthermore, each channel disposes of a video filter for the video input that suppresses noise, thus ensuring a significantly more efficient use of bandwidth.

Highest user-friendliness and easy maintenance

If a disruption occurs, the defective components can be replaced channel by channel.  Owing to the HotPlug functionality the modules and power supply units can be exchanged during operation, thus downtime is reduced to a minimum.

The Dallmeier blade technology stands out to its minimal space requirement, saving up to more than half compared to analogue systems or conventional hybrid systems.  Thus, a considerable reduction of costs compared to conventional systems can be achieved (form factor).

Highest flexibility

The Dallmeier blade system is of modular design and therefore extremely future-proof.  The high flexibility of this concept makes extensions simple and straightforward.  Whether it is hard or software components, it does not matter, the modular design keeps the system open to new technologies and possibilities at any time.  In the case of an expansion it is not necessary to change the entire hardware because add-on modules can easily be added.

Regardless of whether you want to record solely analogue or IP cameras or both camera types in a mixed operation, the DIS-2/M, thanks to its flexibility, is ideally suited for any purposes.  Cascading of the system is possible without limitations.  It is also possible to work across different sites, allowing existing localities to be interconnected and eventually controlled from one control centre - leading to configuration levels of more than 10,000 channels!

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Technical Specification

Make Dallmeier
Manufacturer Dallmeier electronic GmbH & Co.KG
Model code DIS-2/M
Channels 1
Recording Mode Real Time / Timelapse / Event
Monitor Outputs 1
Inbuilt Multiplexer Yes
Multiplexer Type Duplex
Storage Capacity GB 1000
Image per second (IPS) 25
Compression Type MPEG-2/4
Signal Mode PAL/NTSC
Recording System HDD
Colour Type Colour / Monochrome
Mount type 1 in, 1 out
Type of Multiplexer Functions Viewing, Playback
Network Type RS-232, RS-485
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 41 x 129 x 553
Weight kg: 2.5
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 12 V DC
Power Consumption: 25 W
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: 5 ~ 40
Operating Humidity %: 5 ~ 70
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